Pregnancy and the Importance of Emotional Healthiness


394287 532323 15 Pregnancy and the Importance of Emotional HealthinessPregnancy is a beautiful and harmonious stage of every woman’s life, throughout the period of which she experiences novel situations unfolding. To live every moment of pregnancy to its fullest, a lady should be in complete mental peace so that she can concentrate on the emotional and intellectual well-being of the little one who is being carved through the actions and thoughts of his mother. I recently read a research that actually depicted an interesting aspect of pregnancy and motherhood in Israel. Women in Israel are encouraged to engage in mental exercises such as solving mathematical questions, playing chess and other mind-boggling games as well as brushing up their skills of archery. It has been proven that expecting ladies, when participate in such lucrative activities actually develop the wit of their child since a child is primarily a reflection of his mother’s actions and thoughts. pregnancy Pregnancy and the Importance of Emotional HealthinessIn these lines lie the reasons why it is essential for a woman to be physically and mentally all well during pregnancy. However, due to one reason or the other, sometimes anxiety and fear takes over and emotional crises loom large which is a phase you should come out of immediately but with strong will power, increased determination and confidence.

Anxiety and emotional crises in pregnancy may arrive due to a variety of reasons. Many women who have their first experience of pregnancy tend to get nervous about the later stages of child development and post-delivery complications. And then there are superstitions that are deep rooted in our society. False beliefs or a prevalent thought of some threat or bad luck may develop insecurities in an expecting lady and certainly, it affects the well-being of child. Normally, women experience abnormal fluctuations in their mood during pregnancy and at times it can create a bit of nuisance too. It is very important to deal with this behavioral change in a rational and calm manner. Women must study and comprehend the changes that this phase of life entails and try to manage their behavior in a way fruitful for their and the child’s health.anxiety Pregnancy and the Importance of Emotional Healthiness

Pregnant women must analyze the cost and benefits of their actions and thoughts as it has long-term marks on the child’s personality. Some beneficial ways to keep you healthy, active and positive during pregnancy are listed below.

-          Be extremely careful of your diet. A healthy, balanced diet is inevitable during pregnancy.

-          Indulge in activities that appeal to your interest. Don’t overstress yourself with the thought of child and what will happen next. Instead, try to feel a profound and passionate connection with the baby.

-          Read, hang out and try to have mood-freshening experiences. Generally, pregnant women in Pakistan are graciously indulged into family politics that they forget to have some time for their own self.

-          Stop smoking and quit alcohol as these are bad for you and the child’s health.

-          Proper sleep is important with a bunch of healthy exercises on a regular basis that would help you relax your muscles.

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-          Develop a good understanding with your husband since not only you, but he is also going towards an entirely new phase of life. Share with him your feelings and be supportive in listening to him too.

-          Try your best to remain at a distance from everything that makes you think or feel negative. Feel good and you’ll develop a conducive environment for your personal and emotional well-being and off course for your baby too.


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