Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Being parents is one of the most fascinating feelings and it all starts with pregnancy. A woman hearing the news of her pregnancy wants to know her due date right away. This is where a pregnancy calculator can help. It can help women calculate their due date so that they know when to expect.

Pregnancy calculator uses the normal 28-day period cycle. However, this doesn’t mean that it will always be the same. For some women, the period cycle can be a little different with variation of a day or two. This can affect the due date as well. So when using pregnancy calculator, keep that in mind.

This calculator will use last menstrual period (LMP) and compute your due date accordingly. In addition to LMP, it will also use your period cycle when making the calculations.


Pregnancy Tips:

  • Change your diet and start eating healthy food, preferably food rich in iron and vitamins.
  • Start exercising. It will help you stay in shape during pregnancy, thus reducing risk of
  • miscarriage.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Read about pregnancy and educate yourself
  • If you smoke, stop it immediately. Smoking isn’t good for your baby.
  • Learn about your environment and be environment sensitive. Avoid chemicals that can harm
  • your baby.
  • Learn from others. Talk to your parents and ask your friends for tips.
  • Increase your resting hours. Take a nap in the noon.
  • Start drinking more water
  • Stay relaxed. Anxiety can be harmful for you and your baby

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