Pregnancy Journal: Preserving The Memories


Being pregnant is more than just having a baby, it’s a miracle! Although, during this miracle, you often feel sick and disturbed but documenting these moments in a diary or a journal will help you cherish the phase of pregnancy later on.

A pregnant woman’s inner life is strong, clandestine, and often disconcerting.  However, after pregnancy, nothing is ever the same. Once the pregnancy is over, like all other memories, your experiences, emotions, discoveries and memories during it will eventually fade, too.

So, writing a journal would not only be entertaining but it will help you preserve the best phase of your life FOREVER.

How to get started

pregnancy1 Pregnancy Journal: Preserving The MemoriesWhat was your first reaction and feeling that you had when you found out that you are expecting? Who was the first person to know about it? How did the family members or friends react to the news? All this information and things like, your weight, your first cravings, your feelings, your dreams, events and happenings are worth noting down and a good way to get started.

Fix a specific time for writing

Make it sanctified! Set aside time to write daily for at least 10 minutes or at the end of the day, pen down the happy or special feeling of the day. It can produce some powerful results. Plus, it will help you cope with your anxiety and depression during the pregnancy by reminiscing good memories and happenings. And, taking out all your fears, hopes, emotions and thoughts will ease your anxiety.

Trust Your Thoughts

You don’t have to plan things for writing. Trust your first thoughts and hold nothing back. Cross-outs, food stains, tea stains, tears, all are welcome. These are the things you will relish later on. So, feel free to write whatever comes in your mind and enjoy it.

Try Writing For 10 to 20 Minutes Without Stopping

IMG 1990 1 1024x1014 Pregnancy Journal: Preserving The MemoriesDon’t over think! If you feel like pausing or stopping, write about why you want to stop. If you have difficulty getting started, write about your qualms, questions, any fears or doubts you may have about writing in the first place. There is no specific way to write. It’s YOUR journal, you can write in whatever way, use whatever words you want. Just vent your anxiety through your words.

Online Journal

If you are not a diary person and more of an online person, then try maintaining an  E-journal. Writing an online journal can be even more fun and enjoyable. You can share it with your partner, add the moments date-wise, upload pictures, share it on your phone and above all, you won’t have the fear to lose or misplace it. Plus, writing a pregnancy journal is kind of a private thing. So, keeping it online will ensure your privacy.

teekaboo Pregnancy Journal: Preserving The MemoriesYou can continue writing even once the pregnancy is over and start recording your child’s moments! The best thing about online journals is you can share the happy moments with your long distance friends and family members as well. You can even print out the pictures and your writings later on, if you want. Plus, it also allows you to privately share your pregnancy journal with your partner, which as a result, becomes more like a combine journal that helps you stay closer to each other. Moreover, sharing your experiences with your partner through a journal not only helps you to record your experiences forever but it also helps you to get over with your pregnancy depression or anxiety.

If you are wondering which online journal is the best to start with then try Teekaboo! It is one of those online journals that helps you not to forget any special moment of your life!

Preserving this incredible time of your life creates a memory capsule for you to look back on all the highs and lows of pregnancy!


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