Prevent Weight Gain After Marriage


Can I avoid Post-Wedding weight gain?

Answer is YES! As a matter of fact, you can keep the same weight even after getting married. It is unfortunate that many women in Pakistan lack the knowledge to manage weight.

 Knowing the factors that contribute to immediate post wedding weight gain and being proactive can help you avoid it.


 dieting Prevent Weight Gain After MarriageIt is a well known practice for the brides to cut down on calories to look slim for the big day. While they lose weight and inches, they are unaware of the drawbacks of low calorie diet. Once you get back in the routine, you regain the weight and some more.

 Solution: Follow a proper weight loss program with realistic targets. Cut down calories not less than 1100 – 1200 Kcal (approx). Everyone has different calorie requirements according to their height, weight and activity level. Whether you have time left till the wedding or not, getting in touch with a fitness consultant can give you optimum results.


mithai Prevent Weight Gain After MarriageMayun, Mehndi, Shadi and Valima are incomplete without irresistible dishes. While they are fulfilling to your taste buds, they are packed with high amount of calories. The bride is indulged in the sweet eating tradition (mun meetha), calories of which are taken for granted. In only four days you can gain a pound!

Solution: Eat and drink water properly throughout the day, you will feel less hungry at the events. When food is served, have a non-creamy salad first. Choose chicken over beef (Bar-B-Q/Grilled) and Nan over Paratha. Your portion size should be less than what you normally have. Arrange low fat/sugar sweets for the rituals. Options like bite-sized dates with nuts and chocolate covered fruits are healthier choices. They are new and unique as well.


dinner Prevent Weight Gain After MarriageWhen the wedding festivities are over, parties at relatives go on for a month or so. More calories add up and increase your weight.


Solution: Try to minimize the frequency and if not possible, follow the strategy mentioned above. Encourage/talk into Luncheons instead of Dinner parties. You remain active after lunch.


cooking Prevent Weight Gain After MarriageThe newly wed takes time to adjust to the new environment. In order to impress or please the family members, lavish dishes are made in the beginning by the bride that are mostly high in calories. Due to busy routine or tiredness, eating out or ordering food gets frequent as well, significantly contributing to weight gain.

 Solution: Use less oil/sugar when cooking dishes. Get creative, cook something new. Choose healthier options when eating out/ordering.


The wedding day is often the farthest girls think health-wise and lose track of their weight after it. They start caring less about their physical well-being, instinctively blaming it on their busy routine. Maintaining a good fitness level is essential for the life ahead.

Solution: Change the mindset! Start focusing on your health and fitness; it will benefit every aspect of your life events. The most vital of which is Motherhood and the challenges it brings.


energy Prevent Weight Gain After MarriageThe level of excitement reduces after marriage in response to the feeling of fulfillment. As a result, you get in-active, relaxed and burn fewer calories than you used to.

Solution: Develop a more active routine, continue your exercise habits and encourage your spouse as well. The coziness and love is all good, but knowing how it can lead to weight gain, you need to maintain your activity level.

Wedding day can be a short term incentive but aim for the bigger picture. Focus on overall fitness to stay in shape and active in the years to come. 

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