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Café Zero Degree Entertainment Lounge reminds one of a modern day nightclub. Tucked in the corner of 6th Commercial Street, the café is one of the latest to join the ranks of Zamzama’s thriving population of shisha lounges.

Ambiance (4/5)

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Spread over two storeys, the cafe can seat around sixty people. The dark interior drenched in hues of blue light denotes a bold touch with the café’s hip design featuring walls dotted with pop art and a roof iridescent with rectangular panels of LED lights.

Leather club sofas provide for ones sitting pleasure but are placed in such a manner that there is minimal privacy between neighboring tables. The loud sound system belts out a fusion of the latest hip hop and party jams making it almost impossible to talk yet setting the perfect backdrop to hang out with friends.

The Menu 

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In tune with its trendy and futuristic theme, the café uses iPad menus which are fun and easy to use. Displaying pictures of each dish, the iPad helps visualize your order in the absence of a written description.

The menu centers solely around white meat and offers a quirky mix of light fare and Mexican and Italian cuisine.




For the main course, we ordered Italian Fried Chicken priced at PKR 535 and Zero Degree Special Pasta for PKR 449. All prices are tax exclusive.

Italian Fried Chicken (3.5/5)

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The Italian Fried Chicken was cooked to a glorious golden crisp and coated with a rich layer of tomato and mushroom sauce. Dribbling with creamy cheese, the chicken was sprinkled with slices of capsicum, black olives and chicken salami.

The sidelines comprised of a lavish helping of piping hot masala-sprinkled fries, sautéed vegetables and a coriander chutney in dire need of seasoning. The congregation of these flavors resulted in a spicy but tad sour dish with a liberal helping for one person.


Zero Degree Special Pasta (4/5)

pasta 300x252 Put the Funk on with Café Zero Degree!

The Special Pasta was hands down the best part of our order. Oozing with baked parmesan and mozzarella cheese and a healthy dose of fried chicken and mushrooms, the pasta was scrumptious down to the last mouthful!

Served with a steaming bread roll fresh from the oven and seasoned with simple spices, the pasta had the perfect balance of flavor. If you prefer lightly spiced food then this dish will be right up your alley.


To whet our sweet tooth, we ordered the Zero Degree Sizzling Brownie priced at PKR 325 (exclusive of tax).

Zero Degree Sizzling Brownie (4/5)

brownie 300x232 Put the Funk on with Café Zero Degree!

After the customary 20 minute wait, the sizzler was served much to our surprise containing only a lone piece of chocolate brownie. The pastry chef had apparently forgotten to complete the dessert and skipped adding the scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberries!

The order was quickly replaced once we pointed out the omission but by that time the sizzle in the chocolate sauce had died down. The only redeeming feature of this casualty was that the confection tasted like manna from heaven – the warm, fudge chocolate brownie cake drizzled with hot chocolate sauce and paired with vanilla ice cream made the dessert nothing short of a rich gooey sinful indulgence.

Service (2/5)

The service is average at best and plagued with poor management with the most noteworthy areas of improvement being:

  • Incorrect Billing: We were charged an extra amount of Rs. 600 which though rectified should not have happened in the first place.
  • Fixed Service Fee: The café charges Rs. 100 per person as a fixed service fee irrespective of the number of people on each table. This is a practice usually reserved for groups of six or more.


The eatery offers good quality food with a wide range of items to choose from. Its biggest shortcoming though is the low standard of quality control over operations and the fact that its menu does not cater to red meat eaters.

My rating for Zero Degree Entertainment Lounge is 3.5/5. 

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