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Quench Your Lips with Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

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Tinted lip balms are the quickest way to perk up your pout without wearing a high maintenance lipgloss or lipstick. These days the Labello Lip Balms have been my absolute favorite to wear during the day to relieve dry lips. When I saw the Maybelline Baby Lips these immediately reminded me of Labello, these also have a fruity flavor and moisturizes the lips while adding a hint of color. In a short amount of time, these have taken over my makeup routine even though Maybelline only introduced a limited amount of shades in Pakistan. In the US, Maybelline have introduced 6 shades total.

Shades Available in Pakistan:

  • Cherry Me- A sheer rose red
  • Pink Punch- A vibrant bright pink
  • Quenched- Clear Lip balm without any tint

Baby Lips 300x210 Quench Your Lips with Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Maybelline claims that these will protect and hydrate the lips for 8 hours with an ‘exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20’. I really love how these feel on the lips compared to Labello, the Baby Lips are less slippery and do not fade as quickly. My lips tend to feel dry in the morning before I apply any lip product, applying these work really well to hydrate and keep your lips soft and supple throughout the day

These add a subtle hint of color and has a sweet flavor…almost like chewy fruit candy that you get as a kid! Needless to say I’m in love with the scent of these.

Baby Lips lip balms are packed with nourishing ingredients as well as sun protection SPF 20, including Vitamin E and C, Shea Butter and Aloe. With the added ingredients, overtime you will notice less fine lines and cracks on the lips.

Lip Treatment

I noticed that in most lip balms, if the stick applies a thin layer it aids in staying on the lips for a longer time. The added hydration and sun protection also works perfectly if you are planning on heading out to the beach or a picnic, these are perfect to take with you.

Baby Lips2 300x224 Quench Your Lips with Maybelline Baby Lips Lip BalmBefore you begin applying your makeup, use  ‘Quenched’ to prep your lips before wearing any lipstick to reduce cracked lips. I also prefer applying it before I sleep, it stays on all night and I can still feel the lip balm when I wake up. The result- I wake up with smoother lips that doesn’t flake or crack during the day. This works really well as a lip treatment as compared to Labello.


I’ve been testing these lip balms out in various conditions. These wear about 2-3 hours on the lips without eating or drinking. Hydratation wise I feel that these are far more moisturizing than Labello lip balms.

BabyLipsSwatches4 300x255 Quench Your Lips with Maybelline Baby Lips Lip BalmWith Labello my lips became dry with frequent use. With Baby Lips, I hardly need to reapply it since it hydrates and moisturizes the lips very well. If you want the color to stay on your lips then you would need to reapply every few hours. In that case I recommend just going for a non-sticky lip gloss.

For color pigmentation, ‘Cherry Me’ is a soft rose red which gives the lips a nice color. If you want a brighter lip color, ‘Pink Punch’ is a vibrant pink which looks fun and flirty on the lips. Both of these give a nice pop of color to the lips. I like how handy these are for days when I want a little bit of color on my lips.

Baby lips are easily available at major cosmetic shops in Pakistan that carry Maybelline products. These retail for 350rs. For online shopping you can visit 

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