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Quick Tips to Speed Dry Your Manicure

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Running late and forgot to manicure your nails? Well if you’re stuck in a jam and need to speed dry your nails we’ve got some quick tips to help you head out the door quickly.

Personally I hate spending 20-30 minutes on my nails to dry and than ruining them in a single second with a dent or smudge. Let’s face it we can’t just sit around and wait for our manicure to dry. These tips are especially perfect for nail art since some designs take much longer to dry.

Ice Cold Water

Ice Water is the best way to quickly dry your nails. The cold temperature helps to harden your nail polish easily. Before you start painting your nails, take a bowl of water and fill it up with ice cubes

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Once you’ve finished applying your nail polish, wait a few seconds and than dip your wet nails into the bowl for about 3-5 minutes making sure to only sink your nails in. This also helps to repair any blotches and air bubbles if you messed up your manicure.

Blow Dry in Cool Setting

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Take your hair dry and set it on ‘Cool’, avoid using the heated setting because that will only prolong your nail drying time and possibly cause your skin to burn. Run the dryer on your nails for about 3-5 minutes.

Deep Freezer Method

This might be the most drastic option, but if you find yourself in a rush and out of ice cubes simply take 2 minutes to pop your manicured tips into the deep freezer. Place your hands into the freezer and watch your nails dry in a jiffy.

Air Duster

Dust off dpsxl main 300x300 Quick Tips to Speed Dry Your ManicureDry your nails with the use of an air duster in a spray can. The liquid aerosol gives off a cool temperature which hardens your nails. If you can’t stand an ice cold nail bath then this option is a must try.

Quick Nail Polish Application Tips:

  • Always apply you nail polish in thin layers. The thinner the layers, the quicker your nail polish will dry and resist from chipping.
  • Before applying your nail polish, remove any excess oil and dirt from your nail bed with a nail polish remover. The more mattified the base of our nails the less chances of them chipping.
  • Fast drying top coats always work if you are in a fix. Apply it over your wet nails for faster drying time.


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