Raising Children – 7 Effective Tips


Have a mischievous child? Finding it hard to control your toddler? Here are 7 useful tips for upbringing a naughty child and to make your kids disciplined and good in behaviour.

1. Be Flexible

kids cleaning Raising Children   7 Effective Tips

If you’re always saying “No” to your child, eventually, he/she will tune out the “no”. So, set up rules and limits. Let him/her know what is right and what is not acceptable, and that he/she will be punished for bad behaviour. Likewise, reward their good behaviour with praise.

If you ask your kid not to make the mess and he/she doesn’t listen, let them do it. After all, if kids won’t do it then who will? So, rather than try to catch them in the act and say “No”, make them clean it up later on. Develop their habit of cleaning or helping you in that in a fun way.

2. Know What Set Off Your Child

drawing on wall Raising Children   7 Effective Tips

Some misbehaviour is avertible, such as if your toddler is pulling the tissues out of the box or trying to ruin your precious things, simply move that thing to a higher place where he/she can’t reach. For a child, messing up things is irresistible fun. So, it is easier to keep it out of his/her reach than to fight about it.

If your child likes to draw on the walls, simply hide the colour pencils and don’t let him/her colour without supervision. If your 1 or 2 year old has a habit of grabbing things from the  grocery store shelves, bring  along some toys or drawing book or anything that interest him/her to keep him/her busy and play within the cart while you are shopping.

Also, some kids act out when they’re hungry or overtired, hence, make sure your child eats healthy snacks, gets enough sleep and plays outside to burn off energy which will keep him/her from getting frustrated.

3. Don’t Get Emotional

mom scolding toddler Raising Children   7 Effective Tips

Sure, it’s hard to stay calm at times but an angry response will only boost the entertainment value for your child, so resist the urge to yell at him/her. Take a deep breath, and get down to his/her eye level. Be quick, serious and strict when you deliver the warning.

4. Keep It Plain and Short

kids photo shoot 002 Raising Children   7 Effective Tips

According to a discipline tactic, over-talking is as vain as becoming overly emotional. As an alternative, speak in short and simple phrases, repeating them a few times and including verbal variations and facial gestures. No leaping on the couch! No jumping. Jumping is unsafe, you could fall. No jumping!” And a child can process cause and effect, so tell them the aftermath of their actions.

5. Be Consistent

Dr Oz Using Emotions Smarter Parenting Raising Children   7 Effective Tips

If your reaction to a particular situation keeps changing – one day letting your kid do something and the next day forbidding him/her for the same thing – you will confuse him/her with mixed signals.

There’s no time period defined as to after how many warnings your child stops a certain misbehaviour. But if you always respond the same way, he/she will probably learn his lesson after four to five times. Don’t let your child’s strategies bend you – no matter how cute or clever they are.

6. Fix A Naughty Corner

naughty corner Raising Children   7 Effective Tips

If repeated warnings, lectures, and redirection haven’t made any difference in your child’s offending behaviour, consider putting him in “time-out” or “naughty-corner”. For instance, warn him; I am counting till three and if you don’t stop, you are going to the naughty corner; One, two, THREE! If he/she doesn’t listen, make him/her sit or stand at a spot you have designated as naughty corner and set a specific time, depending upon the age of your child. When the time is over, ask your child to apologize and give him/her a hug to convey that you are not angry any more.

7. Stay Optimistic

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No matter how irritated you feel about your child’s misbehaviour, don’t reveal your frustration in front of him/her. When kids hear their parents speak hopeless or negative things about them, they don’t have a good picture of them. Hence, they will wind up repeating that behaviour.

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