Ranjish Hee Sahe – A Tale of Love, Life and Sacrifice

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Geo TV has really stepped up its game with quite a few new dramas this season that are attracting lots of viewers. One such drama is Ranjish Hee Sahi which is an A&B Entertainment Presentation, directed by Nadeem Saddique and written by Maha Malik.

Now, A&B Entertainment is known for hit dramas as well as dramas that did not garner much viewer-ship at all. Therefore, dramas by this production house are usually a hit or a miss after a couple of episodes. When it comes to their new project, Ranjish Hee Sahi, it is so far doing very well in capturing the attention of audiences and receiving positive feedback.

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Based on the story of a single mother with two daughters, Ranjish Hee Sahe can be considered a family drama with parenthood and marriage as the center of focus. Yumna (played by Samia Mumtaz) is a woman who brought up her two daughters on her own. The eldest Tooba (played by Sana Javed) is an obedient, calm and shy girl whilst Hiba (played by Maya Ali) is two years younger but the opposite of Tooba in every aspect.

Their bond with their mother is very strong and Yumna’s life goal is to strive for her daughters and never make them feel the absence of a father in their lives. Into the picture enters Kamal Hassan  (played by Faisal Rehman) who was once the love interest of Yumna. Now a married man himself and father of two sons, Kamal Hassan proposes to Yumna because he still has feelings for her and because his marriage turned out to be a disaster.

From there begins a battle of emotions, with Yumna trying her hardest to forget Kamal Hassan and thus protect the faith her daughters have in her whilst also bearing the full-on wrath of Kamal Hassans wife (Saba Hameed) who finds out about the other woman in her husbands life. What will happen next? Will Yumna continue to strive alone or will her destiny change to include a life partner? Will her daughters understand her need for companionship? What will become of Kamal Hassan’s first marriage? These questions are yet to be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Ranjish Hee Sahe is not full of complex plots or dragged story-lines, in fact it is simple to understand and a delight to watch. This is because the direction is awesome whilst the dialogues are well-written and  brilliantly executed by the actors.

Ranjish Hee Sahe tends to grow on you once you start watching and the desire to know what happens next is quite strong. All in all, a good drama with a great cast and a not-so-predictable storyline.

Catch Ranjish Hee Sahe on GEO TV every Tuesday at 8 pm and let us know what you think about this drama and how it is progressing.


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