4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging

People who have watched the Charlie and the chocolate factory” starring Johnny Depp, are well aware of the fact that a single strand of white hair can be life threatening! Yes, you got me right! The grey devil that emerges from Charlie’s own head compelled him to arrange a competition among the kids. For short listing of the candidates, he inserted a handful of golden plates into thousands of chocolates that were sold among the people. Whoever found one under the wrapper was entitled to take part in the famous competition. His great empire and estate including the extravagantly famous Chocolate Factory needed an heir. The main idea of narrating this story was that the men have extreme amount of responsibilities on their strong shoulders that they have to bear no matter what circumstances they face. Although Charlie did not have any family except for his long-distanced father, he only had to cater to his factory for making assorted candies and chocolates. He was quite content until he found his first white hair.

 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging

“That first white strand!”

Not only Charlie was upset about getting old and losing his strength, it is human nature. Men indeed are more prone to be a victim to this threat as compared to females! Men are not sanguine about getting older and losing the hold that they have in things. Although men have slightly different fears of aging than women, they too dread their appearance being at stake.
 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging
The top most fear of aging in majority of men is enlisted below:

Aging fear # 1: Performance with women!

Man and Woman relationship 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging

Prospect of decreased libido or impotence is scarier than it is read. Avoidance of this factor is possible by reducing cholesterol in body.

Aging fear # 2: Weakness

080325dd lethargy 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Agingold+man+running 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging
Physical weakness and inability to perform different masculine activities such as lifting heavy objects or running long miles without losing strength is what every man dreams of. He also wants this ability to last lifetime but regrettably this is not possible.

Aging fear # 3: Retirement

retirement 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging

Men have this uncontrollable urge to validate themselves through their careers. Be it their education or talent in any field they want to succeed in every field they approach. When they see their careers slipping from their hands, it is hard for them to accentuate and potentiate their value. Losing their positions at the career prospects the less solicitation of opinion. They have a notion that they may drop into the “invisible” mode. Believe it or not, it targets their ego negatively. We may rule out the men who embrace retirement as a part of their life.

Aging fear # 4: Disease attack!

 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging

Unless you have spent a healthy life in your youth and adulthood, it is unlikely that you will succeed in aging gracefully. Aging gracefully not only means that you are physically fit, it also means that your mental health is viable. Some of the diseases that are very common in the aging population are:
  1. Dementia
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. Low immunity
  5. Benign prostate disorders
  6. Diabetes
  7. Gout
  8. Hair loss
  9. Hypertension
  10. Hyperthyroidism
  11. Hypercholesterolemia
All the above mentioned diseases are curable or at least can be maintained but have to be taken care of.
old man 4 Reasons Why Men Fear Aging
Not only in Pakistan, but men worldwide suffer from this dilemma. This can be overcome by welcoming ostentatious every imminent aspect of life and embracing it as an inevitable prospect.


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