Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

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 “I exercise and eat right but my weight is not going down….what’s wrong?”

That is often heard from a friend/family or experienced on your own. While you think you are doing all that is required to lose weight, you may need to know more why it is not happening.

Fad diets, starving, over training and use of weight loss pills are all desperate attempts to lose weight. They always lead to disappointments. You can choose a much sensible approach and get the results you want. However, there are genuine factors that can hinder your weight loss goals. Find out what can be the reason you are not losing weight.


“I used to lose weight so easily when I was young!”

age Reasons Why You Are Not Losing WeightIt is easier to lose weight when you are in your 20s as compared to when you are in your 30s. After every decade you don’t lose weight at the same rate as before. The metabolism slows down with age. In order to see results you will need to reduce your diet or increase activity level or both. However, you can maintain or even rave up your metabolism with proper resistance training. You can reap the benefits of it at any age. Important; seek your physicians consent before starting any exercise program.


hypothyroidism Reasons Why You Are Not Losing WeightOne of the reasons you are unable to lose weight can be hypothyroidism. The condition is mostly found in females and usually diagnosed later in life. The thyroid gland is responsible to regulate the metabolism. In hypothyroidism the metabolism slows down. A blood test is needed to identify it. With medication prescribed by the doctor, the condition can be managed.


ovaries Reasons Why You Are Not Losing WeightIt is a hormonal disorder found in females. The condition affects the insulin level of the body. It rises in the blood shunting fat metabolism. As a consequence your weight loss efforts turn unproductive. PCO can be diagnosed and should be treated not only to lose weight but also for reducing your chances of developing Diabetes. 


There are some medicines that can cause your body not to lose weight. If you are following a prescription, inquire from your doctor. 


Being under a lot of stress can also prevent weight loss. Our bodies respond to stress by increasing cortisol (hormone). It leads to signaling the body to slow down the metabolism. Rest, relaxation techniques and 6-8 hours of sleep can reduce the level of stress and help you lose weight.


calorie balance Reasons Why You Are Not Losing WeightIf any one of the above is not the reason why you are not losing weight then you might have the calculation wrong. The balance between calories in and calories out determines your weight. If you are burning the same amount of calories as you are eating then you will not lose any weight.

However, eating less or exercising more or in other words creating a calorie deficit, will always make you lose weight. It is important to realize that in order to achieve your target and maintain it, you must not reduce your calories drastically.

Once you start getting result, remember to adjust the calorie deficit according to the new weight. It will avoid hitting the weight loss plateau.


  • Keep a check on how many calories you are eating every day
  • Know how many calories you are burning during your workout
  • Check your weight weekly (same time of the day)


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