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Remedies for a fairer skin

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Often we see ladies looking up for remedies for their tanned or pale skins and are worried about their complexions which for obvious reasons gets darker when being in the sun too much without consuming a precaution. Keeping in mind the delicacy of the skin, it is important that a consumable amount of a sun block or a natural moisturizer should be taken along with a hat or an umbrella before going out to keep a healthy skin.

Obviously it takes time for the skin to get fairer and clearer as it is not a one day job. The home made remedies are most helpful in keeping the complexion fairer and skin glowing. Some of the very famous elements include ubtan, honey and lemon. Ubtan when applied with lemon everyday brings out the fairer skin tone hence removing all the dead cells and keeping the skin all clear. If consistently applied, the results are better and a clearer complexion could be observed. It is also a good practice to do scrubbing and masking at least once a week so that the skin does not look rough and the face is all free from wrinkles and dark circles, giving a healthy skin. Consumption of water, having fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and proteins is also beneficial for the skin resulting in not only a clearer skin but also clearer body from inside out and hence refraining the skin from growing any sorts of pimples and freckles. Skin when washed should be dried up with rather a soft towel so that the skin does not get rough and stays soft and damp.

One of the very healthy remedies is to mix milk powder, lemon juice, almond oil and honey and applying it on the face leaving it for 15-20 minutes. This remedy is thus useful in removing the tan and also the dead cells from the skin.

Gram flour if mixed with lemon juice and milk and applied on the face daily also brings out the real shine of the skin leaving it all glistening.

Usually the skin gets a tan in winters too as everybody thinks they would not need a sun block in winters which is not useful for the skin.

Lastly, massaging the body with different types of oils (coconut, walnut, olive oil etc.), particularly the one that your skin is comfortable with is a good practice and hence is also helpful in bringing the real skin color and removing the tanned skin. 

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