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For more than 40 years now, ‘Grease - The Musical’ has not been only titivating the theatre stages all around the world but it has also produced the highest grossing musical movie of all time in the United States. The Musical by Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs after becoming the Broadway’s 14th longest running show ever has come to Pakistan now with the director Nida Butt’s version in the Arts Council, Karachi.

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Teenage energy, a lure of music and an enchantment of dance makes it the perfect formula to engross the audience into its magical charm. The play portrays the high-school teenage monkeyshines of 1950s with a boundless musical magnetism.

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The plot has undergone some alterations in terms of the dialogues during its course. Yet it persists to focus on the relationship between the lead characters Danny (Ahmed Ali) and Sandy (Ayesha Omer). At the beginning of the play they both fall in love at the beach during a vacation. But unfortunately once the vacation is over they go their own ways.

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Inadvertently, Sandy arrives at the same school where Danny is enrolled in. This new girl in the school becomes a discussion topic of this other group of girls known as “Pink Ladies“. Sandy reveals about her short romantic relationship with Danny to the girls. Whereas, Danny doesn’t know that Sandy is also on the campus. When the two eventually meet up, Danny shows an aloof attitude just to pretend that he is not weak and emotional which stunned sandy and she disappointedly leaves the scene.

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However, Danny’s remorse induces him to revert to that episode and impress Sandy again by participating in sports. As the story moves on, the boys got into such circumstances where they have to be in a race with an opponent group which concludes in the climax of the play.

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The play doesn’t have a message. It just gives an essence of being a teenager in the 50’s and no doubt, it’s a valuable visit back to the era of 50’s. Plus, its interminable popularity proves that the teenage love is an everlasting theme.

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Undoubtedly, the director Nida Butt has given her best into the play. From the choreography to the music, every little detail was amazingly remarkable. Plus, the actors also did a brilliant job especially Sanam Saeed. She was extraordinary throughout the play and the actress proved “as Rizzo” that she can surely adapt any accent and gesture.

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Moreover, Rizzo (Sanam) and Kneickie (Mustafa) displayed a magnetic and realistic connection between them that inadvertently manages to swing the focus away from Danny and Sandy – the lead pair of the play, which in turn made Sanam and Mustafa the main highlight of the show!

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Other than Rizzo and Kneickie, the harmonization of the dancers was also extremely laudable. Moving the set around was not an easy task. The team handled to pull it off with substantial covertness, however. 

All in all, the musical maintained its flavour and succeeded in spreading the magical charisma with live music and dance, leaving the audience enthralled. Although, the ticket price is comparatively higher but you cannot afford to miss GREASE!

The ticket is priced at Rs. 2,000 and available at Agha’s Superstore, McDonald’s, the Mad School and Art’s Council’s counter.


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