Review of the Pakistani drama serial, Mehram


Another Pakistani drama with yet again a talented cast– yes its ” Mehram” we’re talking about. Penned down by the famous drama writer, Zafar Mairaj, is a heart touching drama serial. The cast includes Moomar Rana, Aisha Khan, Zaid Ahmed, Shazia Naaz, Erum, Shaher Yar Zaidi, Agha Ali, Sajida Syed etc.

Mehram is basically a story about a humble family, where Hamza is living with his brother’s widow, Iqra. Iqra’s husband (Moomar Rana) & her mother-in-law pass away in an accident. As a result, of which Iqra’s father get them married through a silent nikkah ceremony. Even though Hamza truly respects his bhabhi , he has feelings for another girl Maya.

mehram2 Review of the Pakistani drama serial, Mehram

Credits: Paktribune.com

Therefore, right after Hamza and Iqra’s nikkah, she feels that hamza needs a wife, so she she gets Maya and Hamza married. The climax occurs when Maya discovers about his secret marriage with Iqra.  Even though Maya’s father knows about it, he still keeps it as a secret.

Overall, It is an awesome drama! Right from the OST to the story, the acting, direction, background score, simply everything is superb!

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Credits: Paktribune.com

The newcomer Zahid Ahmed completely steals the show. His acting is naturaI as he plays the role of a typical funny, laadla beta. 

The drawback of the drama comes in the first few episodes. Moammar Rana, who plays the character of Zubair, sees Ayesha Khan’s eyes while she’s wearing naqaab and falls in love with her, to the point that he basically neglects his fiancee when meeting her for the first time.  It’s strange how much they’ve exaggerated Ayesha Khan’s eyes.  No one can be that attracted by an ordinary looking pair of eyes like Ayesha Khan’s!

Ever since the first episode, the drama serial has progressed a lot. With every episode that passes with the week, it keeps getting intense. So give this one a shot I’m sure you’ll all love it! We are really curious to know what will happen next! Will Maya leave Hamza after getting to know the truth? 

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