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Rich Black Gel Eyeliner from Essence

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wing 300x200 Rich Black Gel Eyeliner from Essence

For those who suffer from watery eyes or oily eyelids and you’re having a tough time keeping eyeliner to stay put, gel liners are your new best friend. If you haven’t discovered gel liners yet then the product that I’m about to talk about should be at the top of your shopping list immediately.

The problem I have with all eyeliners (kajal, liquid, pencil, etc) is that is smudges and smears throughout the day causing my eyes to look like a raccoon. I can’t apply any product on my lower lash line because my eyes are watery eyes smudges the eyeliner, nothing stays put for more than 2 hours. As for my upper lash line, my oily eyelids ends up leaving my eyeliner creased and smeared. The combination of both issues led me stray away from eyeliners. That was until I discovered the impeccable creation of the gel eyeliner.

MG 0134 300x199 Rich Black Gel Eyeliner from Essence


Gel eyeliners are packaged in a glass pot that keeps the cream product moist and rich. The mousse-like textured formula sets immediately after applying, giving it a matte texture. Applying gel eyeliners requires an eyeliner brush depending on the type of liner you want to create.

For years I have been using the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, it’s a rich black formula that stays put for hours on my eyes without fading or smudging. The formula works just as fine but I was facing a few issues that led me to try out other brands in the market. I stopped purchasing it ever since I discovered the Essence Gel Liner. Not only is it less than half the price compared to Maybelline (1,200PKR) but also comes in4 shades in the range including a purple, brown and green. Another issue I was facing was the product in the jar drying out too quickly, making it difficult to apply. Gel liners tend to dry out comparablly quicker than any other type of eyeliner since you are exposing it to air quite often.

Essence describes the gel liner as high-precision eyeliner, waterproof. I’ve been using the Essence Gel Liner in Midnight in Paris for over a year now and it’s by far the most amazing quality gel liner that has surpassed every stress test. It doesn’t budge in the waterline, it doesn’t smudge all over the place after a long day, it doesn’t crease on my oily lids and best of all its easy to apply once you get the hang of it. While some might find the process to apply gel liner annoying and tedious, once you practice it and see the results you truly won’t live without it!

The only flaw about this gel liner is that it doesn’t come with a gel liner brush, the Maybelline comes with a liner brush. I recommend purchasing a brush that you would be comfortable using; either a bent liner brush or angled liner brush.

 MG 0137 300x199 Rich Black Gel Eyeliner from Essence


  • Using a bent eyeliner brush, a stiff one will give the best-defined line.
  • Pick up some of the gel liner and start applying it to your lash line using small short strokes.
  • Smudge it on the lower lash near your eyelashes.

This is by far my holy grail eyeliner, I’ve tried plenty of eyeliner in my years of wearing kajals and liquid liners but this one takes the cake! The color is a rich intense black that’s ultra rich and creamy to apply. I have had my gel pot for more than 8 months and it has yet to dry out.

You can find Essence Cosmetics in various locations across Pakistan. The Gel liner is priced at 530PKR. 

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