Ru Baru: The Story of Love, Betrayal & Revenge


Have you missed watching Syra Yousaf in a serious role? I did! Syra was perfect in Mera Naseeb, from her attire to her spontaneous acting, everything was in proportion. After that, although she kept appearing here and there but none of the characters she played had that wow factor in them.

Ru Baru is the new Hum TV drama starring Syra Yousaf, Adnan Siddique, Faizan Khwaja, Tipu Sharif and Behroz Sabzwari. Quite obviously, Syra is the major attraction of the drama. The story appeared rather complicated through promos where Syra could be seen romancing with both Adnan and Faizan. But now that the play is on air, we can sense that Syra is playing double-role in this new Hum TV drama.

2 Ru Baru: The Story of Love, Betrayal & Revenge

Written by Hoor Shumail, Ru Baru is the story of a girl Shabeeh (Syra Yousaf) who is an orphan thus living with her granny and uncles. In this household, nothing is her own except her granny, the insulting attitude of her aunt and cousin always remindes her that she doesn’t originally belong to this house. Rejected by her outer surroundings, Shabeeh takes refuge in art. She is an artistic girl who loves to play with clay.

1 Ru Baru: The Story of Love, Betrayal & Revenge

Sarmad (Faiza Khwaja) is friends with Shabeeh’s cousin Tipu (Tipu Sharif). One day while visiting him, he discovers that Shabeeh is the daughter of her step-mom. He eventually marries her only to take revenge of his father’s betrayal to his mother. Shabeeh, who already had led a very difficult life, is now have no other option but to adjust with her husband.

Till date, only one episode have gone on air, introducing the family of Shabeeh and Sarmad. The settings and scenes are quite realistic and relateable. After a very long period of time we are seeing a Pakistani play which is really simple and lifelike. No complex social issues, no controversies and no useless emotional drama is presented yet to make the viewer’s heart melt. Ru Baru is a simple everyday story of love, betrayal and revenge that is presented in an interesting manner.

3 Ru Baru: The Story of Love, Betrayal & Revenge

How will Sarmad marry Shabeeh? What is the relationship of Shabeeh with his father? Why his father (Adnan Siddique) left his mother (Mehwish Hayyat) and what is the secret behind the mysterious and rough personality of Sarmad are few questions that the first episode raised in the minds of the audience. To find out the answers to all of these and a lot more, catch Ru Baru every Thursday at 20:00 on Hum TV.

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k1 Ru Baru: The Story of Love, Betrayal & Revenge
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