Saba Qamar regrets saying “NO” to Saif Ali Khan


The renowned Pakistani actress who made a début in 2004, has attracted a lot of Bollywood film-makers. Among many Indo-Pak productions, she regrets getting the opportunity to star against Saif Ali Khan.

”I was offered the rural girl role ( Harleen Kaur) in ‘Love Aaj Kal’ but since I was young and couldn’t take decisions of my own I said no to it,”  regrets Qamar.

Furthermore, she thinks that Pakistani women are usually given clichéd roles in Bollywood and the typical melodramatic story lines don’t attract her.

In a show “Tonight with HSY” she exclaimed ” I get a call every other day but unlike other Pakistani celebs, I don’t flaunt it.”

Previously she has been offered roles in Delhi 6, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, which she declined.

We’ve seen Qamar in different roles including Maat, Izteraab and currently in Readers Digest. 

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