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Satrangi- Truck Art Accessories by Fizza Ali!

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Fizza Ali is certainly going places. Her accessory line, Satrangi was featured in Xpoze and she recently graduated with a distinction from the Department of Visual Studies, Karachi University. Blush asks this colorful young woman about her drive behind Satrangi – the truck art.

1. Why did you decide to start Satrangi?

I’ve been making accessories for myself ever since I was little and
for as long as I can remember, my friends always urged me to turn it
into a business. Satrangi – the truck art started as a summer-break-project that
turned into a brand itself. The success the brand got in such little
time was never expected.

2. What was your marketing strategy in gaining customers?

-Customers need to see something they have never seen before. In my
brand, they saw truck-art in jewelry and other accessories.

-Other than that, photography and presentation plays a very important
role when you are promoting your brand/products through virtual media.

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3. There are many other businesses offering the same jewelry or the same styles, how do you keep your customers interested?

-Until Satrangi, no one had truck art inspired jewelry but now there
are alot of businesses that have similar jewelry and that too for
lesser price but the key to Satrangi’s success is regular interaction
with the customers and to make sure we provide them what they need in
the best quality.

-Customers need to feel that they are special, that their order is
being treated “royally” and thats what we do! We listen to their
stories to understand what they really need and how they would fall in
love with it!

-Satrangi is always being creative with ideas to keep the customers
happy, we slip in surprise gifts and handwritten thank you notes with
the parcels!

-Quality of the products and design aesthetics that we offer are sure
to keep them interested!

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4. Why do you think people are shopping online? Is it as big a trend as it seems?

- Its even bigger than it seems! Its so big that sometimes we get
blown away by the amount of jewelry one can order online!  We have
received HUGE orders by normal people who’d want to buy stuff for
themselves for friends.

I believe its easier and quicker to pick up what you like over the
Internet and save yourself the market trip! The variety of products
you can find on facebook alone is so wide that its easier to decide
whats best without going from store to store to do it, now you visit
all the stores while sitting on your sofa and enjoying a fresh glass
of lemonade! You have someone to cater to what you want, someone to
make sure you fall in love with what you buy and also offer you to
deliver it to your place what more can you ask for!

Pictures courtesy Satrangi – the truck art Check out more of Fizza’s fantastic work here

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