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Say Goodbye to Hair Fall With Dove

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Hair fall has become a common occurrence in women nowadays, with endless hairstyling tools to the latest treatments that can fry your hair. We go through so much to try and keep our hair looking impeccable while we forget hair fall is right around the corner.

Other reasons why you may be suffering from hair fall includes stress, climate change and poor diet. If your hair continuously falls throughout the year no matter how many changes, Dove has launched a new hair fall rescue system that nurtures and treasures your hair strands.

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The special hair loss range consists of shampoos, conditioners, serums, masks and specially formulated intensive roots treatment. These products work cohesively for both men and women suffering from hair fall.

Hair Fall From Roots & Breakage

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The main cause of hair fall starts at the root. A weak hair follicle makes the hair break easily and frequently. To make your hair follicle stronger, Dove’s hair fall rescue system contains Trichazole Actives will help you to anchor your hair firmly in place at its root. Trichazole, which is active with ginseng & soy protein has been formulated and designed to treat hair fall from the roots. The patented active ingredient reduces the activity of the proteolytic enzymes which provides freedom from hair fall and firmly anchors the hair in place. The intensive roots treatment targeted root action results in visible reduction of hair fall within two weeks.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue System

Dove is the most natural beauty brands when it comes to haircare and skincare. Dove has inspired women worldwide to redefine beauty. This line of Hair Therapy – Dove Hair Fall Rescue System is a part of the Dove Damage Solutions range.

Shampoo & Conditioner

dove conditioner hair fall rescue 180 ml 300x300 Say Goodbye to Hair Fall With DoveThe Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo has a thick milky texture and a light refreshing fragrance that you can find in all Dove products. The shampoo lathers up very easily once you’ve thoroughly wet your hair. It doesn’t strip the hair causing it to dry out like most shampoos do.

The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner has a rich creamy texture to bring more nourishment to your hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain Trichazoleactives which moisturizes the roots and to help keep hair firmly locked in. After the first use you will notice tangle-free, softer hair. With continuous usage, you can see less hair fall in 2 weeks.

hairfallrescue serum Say Goodbye to Hair Fall With Dove

Micro Moisture Serum

Following your shampoo and conditioner, the Micro Moisture Serum should be applied on the ends of your hair right after your shower while your hair is wet. The serum is clear and leaves no residue behind. You can also use this after you’ve styled your hair to reduce any frizz. This will leave your hair very soft and weightless to protect the hair follicle from breakage.


Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive1 123x300 Say Goodbye to Hair Fall With Dove

Intensive Hair Tonic

The most important part of the treatment range is the leave-in Intensive Hair Tonic. This is to be applied directly at the root and is said to reduce hair fall by 78%. Apply it onto your clean showered scalp and massage for 2-3 minutes, you can use a small comb to evenly distribute the product into your hair roots. Apply this every alternate days for best results.


Treatment Mask

A product every girl will love, the Treatment Mask is a must for those with weak and brittle hair. Its formulated to absorb deeply into hair strands to help boost its strength to new treatment Say Goodbye to Hair Fall With Doveprevent hair damage. The thick and rich texture glides onto the hair smoothly. Use this on the ends or all over your hair depending on how much dryness occurs. Use this after you condition your hair, leave it on for 5-10 minutes depending how rough your hair is. Use once a week for best results for soft and instantly manageable hair.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Dove Hair Fall Rescue System at all leading cosmetic stores in Pakistan including Naheed Supermarket, Imtiaz, Ebco and Al-fateh. 

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