Say ‘I Love You’ With These Soulful Songs

488044 468514886537119 903405641 n1 e1363104989190 Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsThey say there is no language for love but still the feeling remains incomplete if it is not expressed. Sometimes when you are unable to find the right words to tell someone how much you love them, all you need is to search for songs that speak for you. Music possesses the magic to relay your feelings in the most profound manner.

If you have been on the lookout for some songs that help you express your admiration for someone, here are some song suggestions that can help you in getting your messages across. This list contains songs that will definitely make you smile when you listen to them and hopefully do the same to the person you dedicate them to.

avril1 e1363102388857 Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsI Love You – Avril Lavigne

Avril does the job for people who find themselves shy when letting their significant others know how they truly feel about them. The song gives all the reasons why you maybe in love with someone and is surely going to make your beloved understand what you are trying to tell him/her.

82434062 81963e061a m Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsLove Is – Backstreet Boys

A classic by one of the most famous boy bands of all times, this song gets across every message lovers may have for the ones they love. The lyrics, vocals, music, everything about this song would certainly touch the heart of your special someone.

ColdplayHollywodBowl1 e1363102988149 Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsYellow – Coldplay

Why would anyone not love Coldplay? If you just listen to the lyrics of this song, you will end up finding more reasons to love your partner. Following the band’s signature trait, the song does have some complicated lyrics but once you listen to it, it is hard not to fall in love with it and experience a renewal of the passion your love has.

7049731397 f84f04350a m Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsHero – Enrique Iglesias

With his soulful voice blending in well with the lyrics and melody of this song, Enrique simply casts a magic spell with this song, much like the songs from his past albums. Hero is the kind of gentle, soothing and heartfelt song that will get the person thinking why they are not with you yet.

amylee evanescence 2519188 1280 10241 e1363103564135 Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsAnywhere – Evanescence

The strong message that this song delivers will keep your loved one hooked on it for days after listening to it. The lead singer Amy Lee sings in such a melodious and heart-rendering voice that is enough to make anyone’s the heart melt. The song talks about overcoming all odds to be with the person you love and with the sacrifices involved in loving someone, this might just be the perfect song for you.

1510839827 f36aecc4ff m Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsIris – Goo Goo Dolls

Soundtrack of the Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage starring movie ‘City Of Angels’, Iris is by far the most popular song by Goo Goo Dolls. This song has everything you might be trying to say to someone you love and talks about the spiritual aspect of loving someone. Anyone you will dedicate this song to will be completely mesmerized by how beautifully the song captures the depth of emotion.


hoobastank wallpapers e1363104445341 Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsThe Reason – Hoobastank

With the immense popularity this song garnered soon after its release, it does not need an introduction. Although the music video of this song does not do justice to its lyrics, the way it has been sung and its success in making a person feel on top of the world make it a worthy choice of the song playlist you make for your soul mate.

2345840284 cedf21e800 m Say I Love You With These Soulful SongsLet’s Just Fall in Love Again – Jason Castro

This song is for those fun-loving couples whose love story is not just limited to occasional romance but who like to let their togetherness be a portrayal of how much they love each other. With Let’s Just Fall In Love Again, American Idol alum Jason Castro manages to deliver the message across beautifully and encapsulates the wish to fall in love all over again.


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