Sehat: Pakistan’s Online Pharmacy With Home Delivery


Our world is getting more and more wired each day. While Pakistan may be underdeveloped, it’s online shopping market is anything but. Maybe you don’t want to change out of your pyjamas but there’s a sale on your favourite designer. If you’re a mother you can browse the stores without subjecting your children to the tortures of shopping. At work you can buy a new phone on your lunch break.

While rampant consumerism is undoubtedly unhealthy for our minds and our bank accounts, we can’t dismiss the option of online shopping as something frivolous. Take for example Sehat, an online pharmacy operating within Pakistan.

bottle 150x150 Sehat: Pakistans Online Pharmacy With Home DeliverySehat promises its customers three things: quality, convenience, and affordablity. It delivers all medication available on their website to the customer’s door stop. Orders can be placed from outside Pakistan,which is great news for adult children living abroad or within Pakistan as they can take care of aging parents. Just call their toll free number or visit their website to place an order. A major part of the population does not live in large cities and it may be difficult to get medicine of an appropriate quality. This is where Sehat’s phone line plays an invaluable service to people who require it. You don’t need an internet connection to buy your medication. And as the pharmacy uses courier services to transport its medicines, a speedy delivery is usually guaranteed.

happypills 150x150 Sehat: Pakistans Online Pharmacy With Home DeliverySpeed  isn’t the only advantage of a courier service. Proper transport and adequate refrigeration are a necessity for these kinds of products. Sehat guarantees that all medicines will be 100% safe and usable. An excellent aspect of this service is the prescription verification process. This makes sure no one can misuse drugs, order something potentially harmful, or accidentally ask for the wrong thing. All drugs have the potential to seriously harm human lives. That’s why unless the medicine is an over-the-counter type of drug, you need to fax or email them your prescription. Another responsible step taken by Sehat is to refuse to give prescriptions of any drugs. One has to realize that some pharmacies earn a certain amount of commission for selling particular drugs. Sehat takes this ethical obstacle by refusing to prescribe in the first place. Remember, only doctors and dentists are trained to give prescriptions.

While there are plenty of people that lament for the days gone by, the perks of living these days are certainly undeniable. Perhaps the luckiest are those that now can surf the web while telling us about how they spent their untethered younger days.


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