Shakk – A Worth Watching Play!


If I was asked to suggest someone only a single play that is on air right now then without taking even a while for thinking I would have named Shakk. Written by the famous playwright Samira Fazal, Shakk revolves around the lives of two married couples Ehtisham & Sehrish and Ali & Sania. The central theme of the play is doubt and distrust that gobbles down the strong relationship of husband wife. Like always, Sumaira hasn’t disappointed her audience, the acts and scenes of the plays are very well written, characters are life-like and presented scenario is realistic hence the viewers actually relate to the situations of the characters.

drama serial Shak Episode 1 297x300 Shakk   A Worth Watching Play!Sehrish (played by Ayesha Khan) is a lively cheerful lady who is happily married to Ehtisham (played by Adeel Hussain), her life is complete in her luxurious house with her loving husband, but since she isn’t blessed with a kid yet, it keeps her restless. Her innate politeness mingles with the hollowness of her married life and she gets attracted towards Roman; child of Ali and Sania. The couple of Ali and Sania serves as a foil to the couple of Sehrish and Ehtisham, Ali has suffered some serious business loss hence he ventilates his anger and frustration on his wife and kid but beneath this hard shell he keeps a soft and loving heart. Sehrish befriends with Sania due to her friendly nature without knowing that Sania (played by Sanam Saeed) actually is Ehtisham’s ex-fiancé.

Shak Episode 3 300x217 Shakk   A Worth Watching Play!Yasir Nawaz, this time has definitely delivered his best as a director. Cast selection is perfect and each actor is delivering their best. Sanam Saeed fits perfectly into the character of Sania and this is the play in which I’m actually enjoying her acting after Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Adeel Hussain has really stepping up the game, getting better day by day in acting.

Shakk really doesn’t present something strikingly different or new to the audience but it really has an interesting subject and grasping story line. The thing I like best about this play is its simple plot, no sub-plots are unnecessarily attached to drag or prolong the story. There are only few characters and one main story hence the viewer doesn’t lose the interest. Shakk gets on air every Saturday at 8:00 PM on ARY Digital.

Are you following Shakk these days? What do you think about its story? 

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