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Shakk – Emphasizing the Need to Trust


The year 2014, in its initial two months, has seen a bolstering number of divorce cases registered in local courts. Divorces and disturbed families are increasingly becoming a norm in urban societies which is a deplorable development. Divorces involve a heap of social issues. Most of them are general while others are highly particular and specific in nature depending on the quality and type of marriage two people have. One reason that leads to an unhealthy family life and more dangerously, a divorce, is nowadays being projected in an ARY Digital drama serial, Shakk.

shakk Shakk   Emphasizing the Need to TrustShakk is a venture of Six Sigma Plus productions and is doing significantly well according to TRPs. The story involves two couples of different temperaments whose lives are closely intertwined, not much through some direct or intimate relationship but by malevolence, which is doubt. The serial is written by Sameera Fazal and directed by Yasir Nawaz. Renowned television actresses Sanam Saeed and Ayesha Khan followed by actors Adeel Hussain and Jibran Syed are in the main lead. Sanam plays the character of Sania, who’s married to Ali (Jibran Syed) and they have a child. On the other side, we have Ayesha Khan playing the role of Sehrish and her husband Ehtisham (Adeel Hussain). They had a love marriage and the couple is so far, childless.

The disturbance in their lives starts the moment Sania starts to work at Ehtisham’s office. Since Ehtisham was her ex-fiance, Sania’s entrance to the workplace is highly upsetting for Sehrish, who is an insecure woman. Although Sania and Ehtisham do not consider each other more than colleagues, a friend of Sehrish capitalizes on her insecurities and lets her to believe that Ehtisham is involved in an extra-marital affair with Sania. Sehrish disrupts and destroys her domestic life and marriage by listening excessively to her friend. It is due to Sehrish’s doubt that eventually Sania is divorced by her husband and Ehtisham loses all respect for his wife.

shakk2 Shakk   Emphasizing the Need to TrustThe drama serial has successfully enveloped two critical aspects of our society and behavior, which is anxiety and hastiness to arrive on conclusions. Trust is known to be the foundation of a successful relationship. No relationship could foster without the element of trust in it. The absence of trust is one factor which results in people unfolding their marriage bonds, eventually disrupting family life. Another critical feature of Shakk is its success in highlighting the misuse of the right to divorce by men. It reflects how intolerant we are in our relationships that we tend to punish the other person in some manner which is cruel and irreparable. The damages caused by divorce are very profound and the number of victims rises if children are also in the equation. Shakk gives a very crucial lesson on being confidence of one’s own self and building ample amount of trust in relationships. It also attempts to expose the miserable manner in which divorces happen in our society, where anger and misunderstanding suffice in bringing a relationship to an end. Perhaps, we could maintain healthy family lives if more concentration is paid to the marriage than weddings. 

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