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Sherbano Saiyidi leads first all-women mountaineering expedition

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Pakistani women continue to grab attention from global media. After brave Malala Yousafzai showing her commitment to educating other girls despite life threat, Sherbano Saiyid has lead a mountaineering expedition through Shimshal range in the Northern areas of Pakistan leading a team of local girls. She is the first Pakistani woman to lead an all-women mountaineering expedition. For a nation where stories like drone attacks, dictators, and corruption rule newspapers, a female mountaineering expedition is definitely a jaw-dropping achievement.

The Shimshal valley is the perfect place for mountaineers, touting to the world’s second highest peak, K-2. Despite being at number 2 size wise, K-2 offers bigger of a challenge compared to Mount Everest. Women expeditions are usually tougher considering the lack of mountaineering education in Pakistan.

k2 sherbano saiyidi Sherbano Saiyidi leads first all women mountaineering expedition

Sherbano Saiyidi led a team of six women, all between 18 and 25 years of age, all local women. These women didn’t just face the threat from the sky but they were brave enough to over-come sectarianism, considering all women belong to Ismailism, a Shia sect that has been facing life threat from Sunni sect in the recent times. Despite all these odds, these women took on the challenge to place the Pakistani flag on top of the treacherous mountain.

The girls taking the challenge can serve as microcosm for the rest of Pakistanis. In a country where women find it difficult to work, going atop K-2 is definitely a positive news for oppressed women in the country. It’s probably the perfect time for women to start believing in their dreams. If women like Sherbano Saiyidi can lead, Pakistani women will definitely follow.

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