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Shopaholic’s Guide to Latest Designs of Ladies Sandals


Formal wear for weddings, pret-wear for luncheons, office-wear, party-wear for dinners and everyday casual wear. Just as every occasion requires a different outfit, similarly, women needs a new pair of shoes to match those outfits. With the summer season upon us, it is time to pack away court shoes and boots and shop the season’s latest trend. When it comes to summer footwear there is no better alternative than sandals. Sandals come in various shapes, sizes and styles including flip flops, high heeled sandals and platforms. There is a sandal for every occasion you plan to go to. Below are a few red hot items in our must buy list this season.

Flip Flops

 flipflop Shopaholic’s Guide to Latest Designs of Ladies Sandals

These are a type of open toed sandals, usually worn informally and/or casually. They consist of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes and they have a flat sole. Flip flops also known as slides and pluggers are worn around the house, in the washroom or on the beach as their material is such that it doesn’t break or weaken in water. For the summer ladies usually prefer bright colored or transparent flip flops.


platforms Shopaholic’s Guide to Latest Designs of Ladies Sandals

When we think of plat forms, an image of rope sandal instantly comes to mind. Even though plat forms are any type of shoe with a thick sole. They are considered more comfortable than regular pencil or block heels due to a wider base on the ground. Platform soles can be made using different soles like cork, wood, plastic or rubber. Platform shoes also known as clogs are popular amongst girls due to their high fashion and also because they add instant height.

High Heeled Sandals 

 highheels Shopaholic’s Guide to Latest Designs of Ladies Sandals

It is very rare that we see girls wearing covered court shoes to formal events such as weddings or dinner parties. High heeled sandals are ever so beautiful and delicate. Buy studded sandals made from stones or beadwork sandals with hanging diamantes. Sandals are available in both flowery patterns as well as geometric designs.

Flat Sandals

flats Shopaholic’s Guide to Latest Designs of Ladies Sandals

The most popular amongst the sandals are these flat shoes that come in many styles like sling jelly sandal, rubber sandal, cross strap sandal, studded sandal, gladiator sandal and many more. The clear jelly sandals are currently most popular due to their undeniable comfort. Flat sandals are an everyday staple as they easily transcend from morning to evening.

In Pakistan, online shopping for footwear is a common practice. If you are looking for something trendy and edgy yet don’t want to empty your pocket on high end designer stores shop the latest collection of ladies sandals at Their stock is regularly replenish bringing in new designs and style season after season. Another great option is shop branded as well as non-branded shoes from this website at best prices. Buy the latest trends online and stand out in the crowd. 

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