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Shopping for Makeup Online? Read This!


Love makeup? Addicted to shopping? Join the club! The hardest thing in the world for a girl like me is checking out makeup and resisting the urge to buy it all. But alas, I cannot buy it all, with the simple reason that not everything will suit me. Be it the color to suit my skin tone or consistency and texture to suit my skin type, there are drawbacks to some specific products for specific people.

This isn’t a problem when you are out shopping at the cosmetics sections, with testers of each product available for you to check out and decide. But let’s face it, what with so many online stores which give the nicest convenience to lazy make up junkies like me to shop, from brands not available in the market like ELF Cosmetics, Sleek, Nyx, Urban Decay, Illamasqua and so on, that too in my pajamas, how can we be sure that the lipstick we want is not going to make our face look washed out, or that the bronzer is too dark for contouring? Can we even trust the people we are shopping from?

This is not big hassle ladies! There are just one or two easy tips for online shopping. I thought these were obvious tasks performed by all shoppers, but when a number of my friends committed the mistake of not doing these, and actually (gasp) not enjoying their experience, I realized that these aren’t common acts.

The first thing is about being sure who to shop from. We have already reviewed a number of online stores here on our site. is the proper online website from where you can order makeup. Apart from that there are small businesses on Facebook who have a good reputation. My favorite is Beauty Unleashed, I usually order from her. Apart from that a few notable ones are International Makeup in Pakistan, Lush and Tasneem Avon.

Most of these stores allow you to go to the brands’ websites and choose out what you want and place orders. Now this is where the tough part of makeup shopping comes in; selecting the right product, online. A friend of mine made the rookie mistake of going on a website, choosing a product and ordered it, only to find out that it was too light for her skin tone, making her look ghostly. But it’s the risk one has to take as there is no other way, right? Wrong! Due to monitor settings and what not, the shades given on a brands’ website barely resemble the actual products. Try looking at the luscious colors on the website and the real thing.

Luckily there is a way to counter this. Enter the bloggers! Makeup blogs and photography have been quite the trend in the past year or two, quickly becoming the favorite hobby of the majority.  Combine the love of makeup with DSLR photography skills and you get amazing crystal clear pictures and swatches of products, along with advice of whether the quality is suited for you or not. If you are shopping online, it means you have the internet and the time to just check out a couple of blogs where the product is reviewed.

Good blogs take pictures of the products with a DSLR equipped with a good lens, hence showing the perfect hues, and also take pictures of the swatch. International bloggers like Lipglossiping and All You Desire have great swatches and are a delight to read, but Pakistan has its own community of beauty bloggers like Sara Hassan’s blog or Ayesha’s blog (the two I love to look up), we have an article covering most of them. If a product isn’t there just simply Google the product and swatches are bound to show up. You’ll be able to tell if the product suits you or not.

This simple trick is all you need to start shopping for makeup online, and is the reason why my drawers are brimming with products, as the only downfall of this trick is that it is very addictive to roam around blogs and check out products… and be insanely tempted to shop, shop, shop! So go and unleash the makeup junkie in you! 

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