The First 10 Signs of Pregnancy

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1. Missed period or spotting

Do you have your periods in time and it’s been a few days you haven’t had them?  Chances are you might be pregnant. There is a possibility that you also notice some brown spotting but no periods. The best way to find out is get an over the counter home pregnancy test or go for a urine test.

2. Sore or tender breasts

The hormonal changes cause a change in the breast tissues. Due to augmented blood flow, the breasts become sore, tingly and appear swollen. They might also feel itchy. This is the best time to go shopping and purchase a supportive bra which is comfortable and allows your breasts enough room to grow.                                                                                                 

3. Urination                                                                      

Noticed some extra trips to the toilet? Well, this may be a sign as the body produces some extra fluids during pregnancy. You might feel like peeing frequently and unable to hold it for longer as the kidneys adjust with the hormonal changes and fill up the bladder quicker than usual. Check the morning’s first pee with a pregnancy testing strip to make sure.   

4. Nausea

The rise in the hormonal levels results in vomiting and accelerates nauseous feelings. You might also become sensitive or queasy to different odors and not like eating foods you earlier enjoyed. Citrus fruits and sodas may attract your taste buds more than milk and fish.

5. Backaches and Cramps

You may witness soreness in your lower back or light aches and cramps here and there. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy as the uterus stretches in size and it continues towards the end and in some cases even after pregnancy.

6. Vaginal Discharge

The Vagina walls thicken due to pregnancy and the estrogen levels that increase; as a result you experience a clear white discharge which might have a mild odor or none. This is one of the signs many women experience at the earliest.

7. Bloating and Constipation

You might start feeling puffy and bloated and a little tight around the abdomen which is a result of increased levels of progesterone. Constipation, gas, heartburn and indigestion are also caused due to the changes in hormones.

8. Mood swings

Experiencing a roller coaster of emotions all at once? Sometimes happy and suddenly aggressive…this is a hint that you are pregnant! You might start having trouble expressing yourself at times during pregnancy. The changes in mood and heightening emotions are purely due to the growing hormones and nothing to worry about!

9. Shortness of breath or Dizziness

Just ten to fifteen steps up the staircase and you are feeling short of breath? This happens because its time you need some extra oxygen for the baby to come. The increase in hormones due to pregnancy results in stimulating the respiratory system as a result you tend to inhale and exhale an increased amount of air. You might also feel dizzy due low blood pressure, it is best to eat well and stay hydrated!

10. Fatigue or Exhaustion

Feeling wary and wanting to sleep the rest of the day? You might have to visit the gynecologist for a checkup. Fatigue is one of the primary signs of pregnancy along with depression and mood swings. 

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