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Slim and Trim your Face with Makeup

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Want to know the secret to chiseled celebrity cheekbones? The secret is in the art of contouring and highlighting, this technique is used by all celebrity makeup artists to create picture perfect cheekbones and facial features. Although not everyone needs to create a chiseled face, it can be an option for those looking to create the illusion of a slimmer face. Most celebrities, which appear as if they have had plastic surgery secretly, hire talented makeup artists to sculpt and shape their cheekbones, slim their nose and contoured their complexion.

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Before you start going crazy with contouring and blush application, it’s important to understand your face structure and the look you want to achieve. Contouring and blush application can enhance and draw attention to certain facial features to define the structure of your face. Highlighting your facial features brings forth and make prominent.

To create a slimmer face, you need a few products beforehand.

  • Angled blush brush
  • Highlight powder
  • Bronzer
  • Blush

MAC Blush 300x225 Slim and Trim your Face with Makeup

Using just 3 products can also be found in palettes containing similar shades that is a cheaper alternative instead of purchasing individual products. Not only can you use these shades on the cheeks but on the rest of your face as well as neck area. A bronzer can be used on the jawbone and neck to create a slimmer facial feature. Never leave blush out of the mix since adding a pop of color to your cheeks can create a livelier skin finish.

Select the Right Shade:

For fair skin tones, use a brighter shade of blush to help blend in your contour and highlight. If your complexion is dark, skip contouring and simply focus on highlighting since your naturally tanned complexion can make contouring look muddy. Stick with shades of plums and peaches for blush for defined cheekbones.

Blush 199x300 Slim and Trim your Face with Makeup

Where to Apply:

  • Contour: Directly under your cheekbone.
  • Blush: Directly on the cheekbone blended with the bronzer/contour.
  • Highlight: Above the cheekbone and blush application.

Application Method:

The main purpose for contouring is to create depth and dimension which creates a slimmer face. For round face that has fewer dimensions on your cheeks and nose, you want to use a contour product on those areas that has a brownish tone. The brown hue of the powder will create depth and dimension on your face, similar to creating shadows that will create a slimmer look. Purchase a matte brown bronzer shade for a natural contouring look. If you aren’t able to purchase a contouring powder, simply purchase a pressed foundation powder in 2-3 shades darker than your complexion. With an angled blush brush, pick up some of the powder and begin applying the product near the hairline closer to your ear directly under your cheekbone. Once your apply the powder on the hollows of your cheeks, you can continue to blend it further into your skin. Always remember to apply a lesser amount and gradually build up the color and intensity.

Your blush should be applied on the cheekbones a little bit above the contour for a dash of color. Simply blend the color back and forth on your cheekbones for a seamless look. If you choose to go with a shimmery highlight shade, use a matte blush that complements your skin tone. For a highlight shade, select a shimmery peach or pale yellow shade that has finely milted shimmer particles to add an illuminating glow to your cheeks.

Easy Tips:

-Always select a shade that is about 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone for an even and blended complexion.

-For a natural contour, apply a darker foundation shade on the areas of your cheeks and jaw line for a natural contour. Apply your setting powder on top to help lock in your foundation.

-To create a thinner face, apply color directly under your cheekbone. You can find your cheekbone by searching for the hallows under where your bone of your cheek is located.

-Always blend blush or contour shade to the hairline for a natural look. 

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