Spice up your Health! Benefits of Green chilies


frozen green chillies Spice up your Health! Benefits of Green chilies

Green chilies are one of the key ingredients in most Asian cuisines. Growing up in Pakistan some of us are familiar with how the people of our country enjoy and are fond of the extreme intensity of green chilies, although in other cases, it can be bothersome to feel  like your mouth is on fire.

Capsaicin is the chemical compound that makes chili peppers taste hot. It is a skin irritant to humans and animals, and can cause a burning sensation if applied to the skin. It sticks to your fingers and you face a terrible burning experience if you accidentally rub your eyes, nose, mouth or other sensitive parts, without washing your hands. Green chilies have amazing health benefits too such as:

The Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C content, a dried up chili is rich in Vitamin-A, while a fresh green chili is rich in Vitamin-C. Green Chilies also fight signs of aging. They release endorphins in the brain which relaxes and puts chili lovers in a good mood.It supplies a decent amount of iron and potassium. It also helps maintain the health of the immune system, eyes and skin.The heat from the chilies that makes you sweat can also be consider as a health benefit as the process of sweating cools the body down.It also helps burn a lot of calories, improves digestion, and helps in dissolving blood clots. Capsaicin creams have also been used as anti-inflammatory medicine and in the treatment of arthritis. Green chilies also curb your appetite, increase metabolism and have anti-bacterial properties.

163 Spice up your Health! Benefits of Green chilies

The fact is that the greatest health benefit comes from the pain and burn you feel when you bite into a green chili. The tongue losses the will to respond for a couple of minutes after that experience,for some, but it is quiet appealing for others. You’ve got to feel the burn in order to engross its benefits. If that reminds you of how we say that during exercise(“Feel the burn!”) well then you’re in for a joy because chilies help speed up metabolism and indeed help with weight loss!

Chilies can be found, eaten and enjoyed in a lot of ways: canned, fresh, pickled or dried. The Scoville scale, is a scale that measures the hotness of a chili.  An average jalapeno measures around two thousand, five hundred to Five thousand Scoville heat units.The hottest chilies in the world come from India. They are called Ghost Chilies and they measure up to a million units!

Chilies add a lovely flavorful kick to your foods and are an organic flavor enhancer. Just remember to carefully handle these bright red and green nuggets of flavor and enjoy a spicy health addition to your meal. 

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