Spice Up Your Menu – 5 Awesome Weekend Dinner Ideas


easterdinnermenu Spice Up Your Menu – 5 Awesome Weekend Dinner Ideas

Deciding on menu for a weekend family dinner can be a hard nut to crack. All family members get together on dinner table usually on weekends,so it is important to consider the choices of everyone while selecting the menu. At the same time, six separate dishes cannot be made for a family of six members just to please everyone so here are few dinner menu ideas that most of the desi taste buds would love. All the mentioned dishes are rich in ingredients and calories so you do not need to make any formal starters or side dishes with them. Only a single dish will perform its magic!


A desi foodie can never have enough of biryani! In our list of weekend dinner ideas this time, biryani is at the top. Let it be a wedding ceremony, a birthday party, a get together 11 Spice Up Your Menu – 5 Awesome Weekend Dinner Ideasof friends or a formal office party; biryani will always make it to the menu list. So if you are uncertain about what to make this weekend for your family, without thinking twice, go for biryani. If your family is fond of meat then go for it else vegetable biryani is a healthy yet delicious option.


Now pizza is not exactly our own desi dish but  it is one of  the most popular and loved meal of our desi kids. If you want to treat your kids with something special this weekend then surprise them with a pizza party. Don’t worry, you certainly don’t need to ruin your weekly budget to order pizza from some restaurant or expensive food chain, simply buy frozen pizza base, top it up with your choice of topping and bake it. Tada! You have your own personalized pizza ready at home.  Pizza Toppings Spice Up Your Menu – 5 Awesome Weekend Dinner Ideas

Steamed Roast:

If you are conscious about the health of your family and want to bring something healthy without cutting the spice element to your table then steamed roast is probably the best choice. Marinate your chicken with spices and wrap it inChicken Steam Roast Spice Up Your Menu – 5 Awesome Weekend Dinner Ideas aluminium foil. Take a steel pot, fill it half with the water and put it on stove. Now place a steel strainer over it, put your foiled chicken on the strainer, cover it and cook it for 90 minutes or until chicken gets done completely. The steam roast will turn out juicy, tender and spicy without any oil and fats. Serve it with raita and salad, and you have a complete healthy desi meal ready!

Karahi Gosht:

Karahi gosht is another popular meat dish of Pakistan, that is easy to cook   Spice Up Your Menu – 5 Awesome Weekend Dinner Ideasand loved by people of all age groups. Make it either with chicken or mutton, it will infuse that spicy and sizzling desi aroma in your weekend menu. Serve it hot with tandoori naan and enjoy the weekend with your family.

Daal Makhni:

If you want to navigate from meat and want to try something different then give this dish a try. The added butter and cream makes this dish rich and delightful. 21 Spice Up Your Menu – 5 Awesome Weekend Dinner Ideas Add baghar of zeera, sabit mirch and curry leaves on the top of your daal and serve it with hot phulkas. Your family will certainly love this simple but special daal dish.


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