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Starter Makeup Kit for Teens

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There comes a time in every girl’s life when she wants to start experimenting with makeup. While its not the best idea to let her step out of the house with a bright red lipstick, putting together a makeup starter kit can give her a few basic items to let her get creative! Makeup can be subjective to a lot of mothers, some may allow a lipgloss here or there and some may be strict about it altogether. The trick is to know what type of product isn’t going to make her look above her age.

By selecting the right makeup items, your teen can have a little fun playing dress up while you breathe a sigh of relief over her makeup look. The average teen doesn’t need a long list of products, the basics will give your teen something fun to play around with. Before you give your teen a makeup kit, lay down clear rules of its use to ensure your teen is willing to use the makeup during special occasions. The makeup should not be used at school but only after to play with friends and relatives.

bb cream Starter Makeup Kit for TeensBB Cream

With teenage skin, a foundation isn’t the best product to use. Instead a BB cream is the best option since it’s multifunctional. All BB creams include a variety of benefits while adding a light tint to the skin. Recommended for outdoor use, it contains SPF to protect her skin from sun damage.

Eyeshadow Starter Makeup Kit for TeensEyeshadows

While your teen might want to play around with bright eyeshadows, wearing them out in public might be a bad idea. Natural hues of eyeshadows can flatter any skintone, try to pick a palette with browns and taupes. A mix of shimmer and matte finish will give her a lot to experiment with. Skip out on liner, kajal and even mascara since it can easily get smudged  and look messy.

Cream blush Starter Makeup Kit for TeensCream Blush

A tinted cream blush can be the best option for rosy cheeks. Look out for a cream blush that can function as a lip tint, a creamy smooth formula can be applied easily with clean fingers. A cream blush can add a pretty and natural glow to the cheeks ideal for teens. Pick a neutral rose hue or a light pink, stay away from bright hues since it can be easily overdone.

Lip balm Starter Makeup Kit for TeensTinted Lip Balm

A natural way to give her lips a little color and glossy finish, a pink tinted lip balm is an excellent way to brighten her lips without going overboard with a full color lipstick. A lip balm is the easiest and foolproof way to add a bit of glam.

Brushes Starter Makeup Kit for TeensMakeup Brushes

To apply makeup, a few brushes can easily help her create a fun look. A few essential brushes for her kit should include a flat eyeshadow brush, a eyeshadow blending brush and a blush brush. 

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