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There seems to be a strong bonding between the entertainment industry and Khans! We all are familiar with the three successful Khans of Bollywood who are ruling the Indian film industry but while taking a close look to our own artists we realize that Khans have maintained their dominance here as well, let’s have a closer look to all those successful Khans of Pakistan who are ruling our own drama industry for a considerable period of time now.

Achieving success in entertainment industry is not a piece of cake! We are no more breathing in the era of one state channel where even a small role in a prime time drama was enough to make you popular. Today an artist has to struggle a lot in order to get himself noticed among so many artists, so many channels and so many prime time dramas going on air every day. In this tough and challenging scenario, the five Khans who have maintained their name and fame in entertainment industry are below:


Fawad Afzal Khan

1a Successful Khans of Pakistani Drama Industry

The actor of Dastaan, Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Ashk, Numm and so many other TV projects, Fawad Afzal Khan is in the full swing of stardom these days. He had tried his luck in almost all fields of entertainment industry including modeling, movies and singing; needless to say he is successful in all of these. His debut movie Khuda Ki Liye was a Shoaib Mansoor project in which he proved himself an exceptionally good actor. After the huge success of his first movie, he didn’t start taking every other project that was offered to him, it is his careful project selection that creates a great impact on his audience. He hasn’t repeated roles even in his television plays; in each of his project he appears in a totally different character. The loving and caring Asher of Humsafar wasn’t anything like the stubborn and impulsive Zaroon of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, these days in Numm, his character is of a young foreign graduate who is stuck in the feudal traditions of his family. Fawad Khan has also performed in the remake of Armaan and there are rumors that soon some of his mega movie projects will come to lime light.

Ahsan Khan

33 Successful Khans of Pakistani Drama Industry

Not many people know that Ahsan Khan actually started his career as a movie artist. His first project was Nikkah that was a super hit of its time, due to decline of Pakistani film industry Ahasn Khan turned to television and has maintained a great image here. He is one of those TV actors who fit perfectly in almost all types of characters. He started his television career with PTV and gradually established himself as a better actor. Saat Sur Rishtoon Ki, Sharbati, Duniya Dari, Khaghaz Ki Phool are some of his successful PTV plays. In private sector, he has done quite a number of projects for Geo TV and Hum. His plays Khoya Khoya Chaand and Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai are currently on air on Hum TV.

Mahira Khan

29 Successful Khans of Pakistani Drama Industry

VJ turned actress Mahira Khan actually got famous from Aag TV’s Weekends with Mahira. Later on, she made her way to television and film industry, her debut movie was Bol by Shoaib Mansoor that was a huge commercial success and appreciated by critics. Mahira’s debut drama was Neeyat – a Mehreen Jabbar’s project. Surprisingly Neeyat wasn’t able to create a buzz around but Mahira Khan’s second TV venture Humsafar broke all records of success. Together, Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan won the heart of audience and made Humsafar the best drama of all times. After Humsafar, Mahira appeared in Sheher-e-Zaat. There are people who still question the acting skills of Mahira but her popularity among masses can’t be challenged.

Sami Khan

Sami Khan with his wife Successful Khans of Pakistani Drama IndustryMansoor Aslam Khan Niazi popularly known as Sami Khan has made it to number four on our list. Dil se Dil Tak, Jinnah Ki Naam, Mein Chand Si, Mere Harjai, Meri Ladli are some of his popular dramas. Without a doubt, Sami is one of those actors who went through total transformation with time; he has evolved as a finer actor with each of his project. His earlier TV dramas are nothing like what he is doing now and that is the best quality of an actor – learning and improving with time. Sami Khan won the PTV Best Actor Award in 2011. If I was asked to refer only one of his plays to you all then it would be Jinnah Ki Naam, his acting in this play was beyond brilliant making this play a must watch for every Pakistani.

Ayesha Khan

5 Successful Khans of Pakistani Drama Industry

The lead female actress of block buster Pakistani movie Waar, Ayesha Khan is at number fifth on our list of successful Khans. Ayesha started her career in early 2000’s from Tum Yahi Kehna and since then she hasn’t looked back. From Sajjal of Mehndi to Neelam of Bari Aapa, Ayesha Khan has maintained her level of acting in all her TV projects. Right now her play Shakk is on air on ARY Digital. Other than her talent and acting skills, Ayesha also gained popularity from her hookups. Her name remained associated to Faisal Qureshi for a very long period of time, later on there were news about her and Hamayun Saeed getting together. Controversies apart, we expect to see some more block buster movies from Miss Khan after her incredible acting in Waar. 

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