Summer Fruit Special: The Falsa


Time to enjoy a popular summer fruit of Pakistan, the falsa! Known as Grewia Asiatica in English, it’s a berry that’s actually rare in places other than the Middle East. Sweet and sour in taste, we love eating it, having its juice or even freezing them into falsa bars this time around.  But other than great taste, it has numerous health benefits, which make it the super fruit of summer.

Grewia Asiatica Falsa Summer Fruit Special: The Falsa

Made for the hot climate, falsa is beneficial for getting rid of hot weather affects, including heat strokes and even sunburn. Is ails thirst and burning sensations and can also handle inflammation. It is effective in clearing sore throats and cough as well as a good way to reduce common fevers and colds. It cures urinary troubles and relieves burning in the urinary track. Falsas are also astringent. It can help in diarrhea and many other stomach issues, it’s great for digestion.

falsa wala Summer Fruit Special: The Falsa

Falsas are high in vitamin C. This high vitamin C content causes the falsa to relieve asthma, bronchitis and also shortness of breath. Since vitamin C is an excellent aid for cardiac disorders, falsas help to keep heart disease in check. The vitamin C content also helps effective iron absorption in the body and hence they help in purifying the blood.

Falsas have  anthocyanin flavonoids which are responsible to be protective against cancer. It is truly amazing how such a small fruit contains so many health benefits. Being so abundantly available in the summers, we should not deprive ourselves to its health. There are many ways to enjoy this fruit.

800px Falsa Summer Fruit Special: The Falsa

Eat them. You can enjoy eating them whole, on their own. Many people sprinkle salt on them, but you can go ahead and experiment with different combinations.

Falsa Juice Summer Fruit Special: The Falsa

Drink them. Falsa juice is incredibly popular during the summers. Soak falsas in water overnight, chuck them in a blender with the water, and then strain after blending. You can add sugar if it’s too sour for you, but it’s an instant refresher.

falsa ice loly Summer Fruit Special: The Falsa

Freeze them. Falsa bars! They are my absolute favorite. Just make the falsa juice and freeze them in popsicle molds. Cool off with these tasty treats, which are really addictive as they are so easy to make!

There aren’t that many edibles out there which taste good and are healthy at the same time. The falsa, hence, becomes an even greater fruit in my eyes as not only does it have such a plethora of health benefits, it tastes great! And making drinks and treats is actually fun, so you can enjoy making falsa juice with your friends. It’s a silly but fun activity to do at sleepovers, and the reward is tangy delights!

I have not heard of many recipes involving falsas except for maybe some varieties of chutneys and jams, but never any proper dish, no main courses or desserts. But I am constantly on the hunt for any ideas or recipes that may exist. Have you tried anything of falsa? Got any recipes to share? 

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