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Surprising office tool that helps you do your makeup!


Makeup enhances our beauty but applying it is something many women struggle with. But no reason why it has to be a chore, makeup application is fun. The brushes that generally come with palettes and blushes are useless. So what can help you apply your makeup flawlessly and that also in less than five minutes? A business card!

Yes! Business cards can be used for applying your favorite products. Not only that, you can also contour and highlight with it. Hold it diagonally under your cheekbone and use your brush or fingers to apply blush, contour or highlighter.

orig Surprising office tool that helps you do your makeup!

The trick is to use the business card diagonally to get the exact line which will separate the three elements you will use on your cheeks. This will not only keep you away from mixing different colors but also in mapping your face correcting. All you have to do is place the card first at the bottom of your under eye area and apply the highlight (powder, liquid or gel). Now move the business card a little below and place it diagonally in between the apple of the cheek and the middle of your ear. Draw an imaginary line and apply your blush. Working your way from the apples to the ears. You do not want to have clown face with most blush on the top of your cheeks. Now comes the turn of the most wonderful element in makeup. The contouring powder or the bronzer. Suck in your cheeks and find the line that connects your ear to the end of your upper lip with the business card. This is where you need to apply the bronzer.

You have now turned into a lined queen! Don’t worry, you can now very easily blend in the three elements. You do not have to worry about mixing it all up because the basic purpose has been achieved. And that is all three of the makeup products have been absorbed into your makeup. Now all you have to do is blend to smudge the sharp lines. You will be more than amazed with this trick.

This trick can also be used in applying eye liner and mascara. Have difficulty perfecting the   winged liner in a cat eye? Hold the card in line with the outer corner of your eye and the end of your eye brow. Sketch in the line of the wings and then use the liquid liner to line your eyes, connecting the wing and filling in the shape. This trick will ensure you get evenly sized wings each time.

You can also use the same card to make sure mascara does not get on the skin around your eyes. Hold it behind your lashes and apply mascara as usual.

photo4 300x225 Surprising office tool that helps you do your makeup!

Ta da! Now you have a whole face of makeup and it did not even take more than five minutes!


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