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Chaat Papri – An Awesome Snack for Iftar

Ingredients for Chaat papri
For Puris
* 1 1/2 cup Wheat Flour
* 3 cups Maida
* 1/4 cup Oil…

Shahi Tukray – The King Of All Pakistani Desserts

When you hear the word shahi, the other word that completes it is “tukray”. Shahi tukray is a very famous…

Recipe – Turkish Kofte Sandwich

* 4 ounces ground beef
* 2 onions
* 2 cloves garlic
* salt and pepper
* parsley or…

Corn Cheese Balls

Looking for some delicious and quick snack recipe to be served with evening tea on weekend? Look no forward and…

Special Winter Dessert – Gajar Ka Halwa

Chilly evenings and a steaming hot plate of Gajar ka Halwa probably is the best combination for winters. The awesome…

Eating Healthy – Veggie Patty Burger Recipe

Let’s admit it we all have those picky kids at home who give their mommies a real tough time when…

Mutton Handi Masala

Mutton Handi is one the most loved traditional Pakistani dish. Since Eid season isn’t completely over yet, it will be…

Eid-ul-Azha Special – Mutton Chops

Eid-ul-Azha is just around the corner – this is the perfect occasion to arrange family gatherings, parties or meetups and…

Khajoor ki Chutney

To make tasty Khajoor Ki Chutney, follow this simple Ramadan recipe
Ingredients :
1. 1/2 kilo Dates (Khajoor)
2. Salt…

Mixed Fruit Chaat – Dehli ke Kachalu

You can add fruits of your choice in this tasty Ramadan recipe

Use the following ingredients for this tasty…

Khajoor Ki Barfi

To make khajoor ki barfi, you need the following ingredients.
1 cup – finely chopped dates
1 cup –…

Murgh Pakora – Ramazan Recipe

Here is what you need for Murgh Pakora Ramazan recipe.
750 g (26 oz) Chicken, cut into 8 pieces…

Bhel Puri recipe

Use the following ingredients for Bhel Puri
• 100 gm Puffed Rice
• ¼ cup Boiled Potatoes (peeled and…

Ladoos – A delicious Pakistani treat

People often prefer fatty foods and sweet than fruits and vegetables. There are number of factors that influence the desire…

Malpura Recipe

* 1 cup maida.
* 1 tblsp. rava.
* 4 tblsps. sugar.
* A few drops essence of saffron.…