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Take Off The Gunk!- Makeup Removing Tips

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Never ever sleep with your makeup on! As much as we all love to apply makeup- it’s important to take it off each night before going to bed. Removing your makeup can be tiring and bothersome after a long day. Consider the long term consequences of eye infections, clogged pores and acne breakouts…now we don’t want that do we?

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Having a night-time skincare regimen that incorporates removing all traces of your makeup can be achieved using a few key products.

What You Need:

  1. Facial Cleanser
  2. Baby/Makeup Wipes
  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Cleansing Milk

While most women use makeup daily (especially kajal on their waterline) using long-wearing and waterproof makeup can be the most difficult make up to remove. Using harsh soaps and lotions around your eye area can cause irritation and stinging around the sensitive area. While using this old method has been passed down from generations- using such products can cause premature aging of the skin since you end up tugging and pulling your skin more.

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The first step is to cleanse your skin properly. Cleansing your face and eye area with a safe and effective cleanser can get rid of makeup properly to remove toxins, dirt and oil which can cause long term skin damage. If you feel too lazy and tired to wash your face- makeup removing wipes or baby wipes can substitute as a an alternate. Makeup wipes are infused with moisture that removes your makeup without leaving behind a stick residue. When removing your makeup, it’s crucial to use the lightest hand gestures which will not cause any damage to your eyes.

For harsh waterproof makeup, I prefer to use a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and mineral water for my eye makeup since waterproof mascara and eyeliner are hard to remove with just cleansing milk. This works wonders for tough water resistant eye makeup and “kissproof” lip products. Extra virgin olive oil is the safest product you can use on your eyes since it nourishes your eyelid and lashes. If you find your long-wearing foundation to be waterproof, use the same mixture for your skin and follow with a facial cleanser to avoid clogging your pores with the oil.

I highly recommend using gentle cleansing milk from brands such some from Pond’s and Nivea. A cleansing milk is a cleanser which has the consistency of a lotion which effectively deep cleanses your skin from impurities while removing your long-wearing foundation, eye makeup and lipstick thoroughly. Using cleansing milk will not irritate your eyes, instead it will gently remove every last trace of your eye and face makeup without leaving behind any greasy residue unlike using olive oil can.

Easy Makeup Removing Regime:

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  • Create an equal part mixture of extra virgin olive oil and mineral water in a container. Shake up the container to mix the 2 ingredients- pour a small amount on a cotton ball and gently place the cotton on your eyelid for 10-20 seconds. Gently remove the cotton ball in a downward motion making sure to remove all traces of your mascara. Use a new piece of cotton and repeat this step until all of your eye makeup is removed.
  • Once you’ve removed any heavy-duty makeup- use cleansing milk or a gentle facial cleanser which can remove your makeup while promoting healthy skin. You can choose to apply the cleansing milk on a cotton ball and massage it onto your skin for removing tough waterproof makeup or use it by massaging it onto your skin.


As much as we love makeup, finding the best waterproof and long-wearing makeup comes with a repercussion can be tricky to remove thoroughly. Effectively removing your makeup is not costly but something that works just right for you skin and it will prevent any long term skin problems and of course help to keep your skin beautiful and luminous

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