Talent Unlimited: Hina Dilpazeer in Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah!

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Art and ideas know no boundaries. They can never be confined and are immortal. History is evident to art getting more and more refined whenever obstructions have been erected in its way. Art is smooth and soft like water and highly stimulating too. All this is true for Hina Dilpazeer, who stands proud as the magical woman behind sky-rocketing success of Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah, which is a comedy serial currently on-aired on ARY Digital Television. In the above mentioned comedy serial, Hina appears in a plenty of roles, each unfolding a new dimension of her talent and acting skills. She is a perfect Delhi-wali oldie when she does the role of Shakooran Begum and does complete justice to her other major roles such as Rooh Afza and Badraka Jahan. Hina, at present is doing eleven roles in the serial which are of Shakooran Begum, Badraka Jahan, Mursaleen Mian, Rooh Afza, Bengali Baji, Nazima Khatoon, Nazeer Khan, Tina Gul, Elaichi, Tamizini and Madhu Chopra.  The show became an instant hit within the first weeks of its inception; however, the plot is now turning bizarre and at some points a bit cheap too.

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The first problem with this serial is Hina Dilpazeer over-exposed. It seems as if this is her last television project and that’s why she is expressing every dimension of her unlimited talent in numerous roles. Live like there’s no tomorrow and act like nobody’s watching is the maxim best suitable for Hina Dilpazeer at present. Undoubtedly, she succeeds in entertaining her fans in an excellent manner but watching her doing every new role is very boring and monotonous. Quddussi Sahab ki Bewah is all about Hina and her changing avatars. The new widow Rooh Afza looks better now in a white saari and light makeup. She has become a bit bearable to watch ever since her tiny husband Maqsood died otherwise, her apparel and overdone makeup was equally traumatizing to the sight as Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye. Bengali Baji should die of her own magical errors because she is too haunting.

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Next is the plot which, if not altered, will lead this comic serial to replace the infamous and senseless Ye Zindagi Hai of JJS Productions. The story has a major element of projecting all the women characters as desperate for a life partner. Khajesta, Badraka, Shagufta, Aqeela, Bhunarya, Shakooran Begum and Tina Gul are all shown yearning for men. They are mostly seen complaining about their no or unsuccessful marriages and love affairs and the absence of their macho men. The desire for men among these women has been shown so strong that they settle for every second man they meet. This includes already married men, old and aged men, servants and visibly wealthy elderly hotel managers. Not only women, but Shakooran’s son Wudood too craves for men, though he tries to behave more manly in order to get married to a ‘girl’ as soon as possible. This aspect of the story is so disturbing that sometimes it makes the viewer think if marriage or men are the only things one needs to have a great life. The depiction of lower-middle class is fine to some extent but it is mere portrayal, devoid of any positive aspect or a concrete suggestion to change the prevailing mindset of such people of our society. For a good laughter, the serial is fine (only if you have a not so good taste) otherwise it should be now concluded before it turns into something extremely shoddy. 

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