Tea Spill of the Year


You know what this is about right? The incredible tea cup that did the magic, the tea cup we’ve all waited for, the tea cup that Zaroon caught for Kashaf. That’s right; I’m talking about the famous Zindagi Gulzar Hai series on Hum TV. The drama is based off a novel written by Umaira Ahmed. It is currently on air with every new episode on Friday nights at eight.

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The drama gained its popularity for two reasons. One, it tackles the social issues that a woman goes through in her life. Difficulties in relationships and the needed survival instinct in women of Pakistan are depicted as well. The second reason, Fawad Khan is in it.

The entire series did well through out. Kashaf did her part in being irritated from Zaroon and the rich boy played his role great as well. That was until the tea cup came in. In the entire series Kashaf took notice of the wrong things. She lived her life in an inferiority complex which drove her to success. But all her efforts ended in vain when she ended up melting from a tea cup.

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Now, I haven’t read the novel but in the drama, they could have thought of something else. All the episodes depict the grumpiness of Kashaf, selfishness of Zaroon and the complicated feelings between them. And on one normal meeting, all the while Kashaf was in denial of Zaroon’s feelings; she accounted them from a tea cup spill.

The drama did need a reason to get the story moving but surely something bigger could have been done. But anyway, as the series progressed, the amount of adorable moments increased. That is certainly the advantage of it. Now that Kashaf and Zaroon are finally married, the story takes a step forward.

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These days Kashaf is still adjusting with her feelings for her husband all the while dealing with her inferiority complex. The acceptance of her husband shown in the serial on Kashaf’s part and the efforts made from Zaroon deserve applause. Both actors play their roles satisfactory with awkward moments coming up every now and then in both their lives.

The title song of the series is sung by Ali Zafar and the female version is sung by Hadiqa Kiyani. We’ll just have to keep watching the series to find out if Kashaf will finally accept her love for Zaroon and stop the dual inside her. And that Zaroon doesn’t end messing things up again. Fingers crossed for our favorite drama couple.

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