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What You Lose By Getting Married In Your Teens?


The time when the thought of marrying their kids starts hovering parents is still undecided. Some say its right after they are born while some disagree. Mostly when kids turn into teens is when parents start taking notice of them as an individual human being. In Pakistan, it would be unfair to say that early marriages only happen to girls. Considering the girl to boy ratio it is almost the same. Young boys are also made to marry in their teens in our country just as girls are.

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The only problem with that ratio of teenage marriage is that it is not limited to rural areas only. There are so many families living the luxurious lives in metropolitan cities of our country that still follow the tradition of marrying their daughters as soon as they each maturity. Parents, unfortunately call the physical development maturity these days.

Teen marriages more often than not, are unhappy marriages. There are couples who work their way out to a better life but teenage is not the appropriate age. And it does not matter if you got married at the same time too! Times were different back then.

With the inflation in our society increasing with every sunrise there are some things you should know before making up your mind on marrying your teen daughter or son.

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Physical Maturity Does Not Equal Mental Maturity

Just because your child has crossed the age of puberty, does not mean they are ready to fend off the world for themselves. Remember that age does not measure maturity. We often catch ourselves calling our colleagues immature even when they are the same age as us. A person needs to face real life on his own first then drag along others with them.

Opportunities Do Not Knock on Doors

While living a married life at a young age, there will be many opportunities that your child will have to sacrifice. It might be a better job, better education or just a better chance at life. Many compromises in life may lead to a negative outlook on the person’s behalf which in turn effects the entire generation that follows.

forced marriages What You Lose By Getting Married In Your Teens?

Teenage is Unstable

The life lived during the teenage is the most difficult as a person is goes through so many changes within them. The hormonal development leads to severe decision making and that is why teenage is called the most unpredictable age. Sending them off to live a new life during their most difficult phase is the worse thing to do to your child. And once the teenage is over a new person seems to develop in the same body. People change when they hit their twenties, they might start disliking the life you have chosen for them.

Teen Pregnancy

Most people in our society believe teen pregnancy to be the best thing that can happen to their daughter or daughter in laws. Though teen pregnancy may not be the worst thing, it can still cause complications. Most teens are never prepared what awaits the pregnancy procedure. They may be irresponsible with another life within them. An underweight child or stillborn may be conceived if the proper care isn’t provided.

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Teen marriage is not the best idea out there. Let your child live a life of their own first. You can be the link to stopping the cycle. 

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