Telefilm Remakes of Hit Pakistani Movies

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While the Pakistani Drama industry is back with a bang some of us look wistfully towards Lollywood and the still stagnant Pakistani film industry. Despite critical acclaim films like BOL and KHUDA KE LIYE have garnered ;they are not like the family entertainers and romances that remain in our memories from the fifties and sixties. There are several films in the works such as GIDDH and the much anticipated WAAR. Others such as SEEDLINGS and SIYAH though intriguing do not look likely to have a strong appeal for the masses. In an attempt to revive the public’s interest in the old time classics GEO Tv has asked the major drama production houses to make telefilms of some of the memorable hit films of Lollywood’s glory days. Using today’s talented young directors and cinematographers, along with everyone’s favourite drama actors these telefilm remakes are sure to give us a taste of the past while hinting at greater things to come


waheed rani 279x300 Telefilm Remakes of Hit Pakistani Movies

Starring: Imran Abbas, Sara Loren (aka Mona Lisa) Aly Khan, Suhaee Abro Ali

Produced by: Hassan Zia of Mastermind Productions

Directed by:Yasir Nawaz

Written by: Zanjabeel Asim and Noor ul Huda Shah

Update: Watch the full movie here

Expectations are high for this yesteryear super hit and from the looks of the promotional stills at least, viewers are in for a treat. This telefilm features quite a few actual film actors: Sara Loren is fresh from her movie MURDER 3 , Imran Abbas is back from his own time in Bollywood and Aly Khan must be remembered for his role as the hapless banker in DON 2. Released in 1970,the film ran for 81 successful weeks in cinemas across the country and completed a Platinum Jubilee. The original cast included, Waheed Murad,Rani and Deeba It was also the recipient of many Nigar Awards and while songs by Runa laila and Ahmed Rushdi became highly popular. The original story was a about the complexity of human emotions.

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A wealthy Nawab is involved with a beautiful Courtesan named Anjuman and it is destroying his family life. In desperation his wife pleads with her Devar for help. When the young man asks Anjuman to let his brother go she does so but at a price. The younger brother must visit her Kotha instead. Although engaged to a girl he loves, he accepts and becomes drawn to Anjuman who in turn falls in love with him. This kind of tragic and hopeless love affair seems to have been a staple of movies then and it remains to be seen how acceptable it will be to more modern audiences.


armaan 1966 Telefilm Remakes of Hit Pakistani Movies


Starring: Fawad Afzal Khan, Amna Shaikh

Directed by: Anjum Shehzaad

Produced by: Seventh Sky

If expectations are high for Anjuman , then they are limitless for this remake of another Waheed Murad Hit. The simple presence of the latest super star Fawad Afzal Khan makes this a must watch for most viewers. This is not the first time Fawad has appeared on screen with Amna, but it will be their first time together as romantic leads. Many people have remarked before on Fawad Khan’s passing resemblance to Waheed Murad but in this production it may well be déjà vu for those who have seen the original.24647 414249011993997 1018683909 n1 Telefilm Remakes of Hit Pakistani Movies

Released in 1966 this black and white movie became the first Pakistani movie to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, making its hero a household name and style icon. The original story involves quite a few tortuous twists and turns which might confuse a more modern viewer use to streamlined plots.However this promises to be a great entertainer. Nasir is a rich playboy forced to visit his father’s old friend’s family who live in Murree. Nasir’s father hopes that marriage with a girl from such a respectable family will make his son settle down. Nasir however swops roles with his friend Shahid to fool the family proceeds to fall in love with Najma(originally played by Zeba) an orphan in their care. Najma is bound by a promise not to reveal that the daughter of the house Seema has given birth to a secret child from an affair. In order to protect Seema and the family name Seema’s mother casts suspicion on the innocent Najma who bound by her promise and gratitude cannot defend herself. The rest of the story revolves around the various twists and turns of fate as the truth is revealed..

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Dil Mera Dharkan Teri

movieposter 208x300 Telefilm Remakes of Hit Pakistani Movies

Starring: Ahsan Khan, Sarwat Gilani, Sanam Saeed

Directed by: Mehreen Jabbar

Produced by: Six Sigma

Another exciting project by one of the most talented young directors in Pakistan this is sure to be a fascinating take on the original movie. Ahsan Khan is no stranger to films while Sanam Saeed and Sarwat Gilani are familiar faces  from hit drama serials . Of all the remakes this seems the most likely to have a fresh, new look while the others may fall along traditional lines

.58219 381885388574112 359018067 n Telefilm Remakes of Hit Pakistani Movies The original story revolves around a wealthy young woman Najma who is in love with a middleclass young man Shawkat.Najma’s family stands in the way of their match and through a few twists of fate Shawket ends up married to another woman, Nadira. Nadira is even wealthier than Najma but a very modern and ultimately characterless woman who only wants Shawket in order to control him. Shawket develops TB and leaves Nadira and her neglect. Meanwhile Najma has become a doctor and begins to supervise Shawket’s treatment. The original cast again Starred Waheed Murad this time with Shamim Ara as Najma and Rani as Nadira.






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