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The 12 Most Common MOMMY-Types At Your Child’s School

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Do you have an interest in observing human conditions like I do? If yes, here is something you’d enjoy reading.

I have been doing a bit of mommy grazing while working at a school, not that I dislike any of these ‘Mommy-types’ or have any ulterior motives, I simply want to share a few at-work-entertaining-observations (Psst! Don’t report me for writing this). So here it goes… My list of the 12 Mommy types you are sure to find at your child’s school. Let’s see which one are you?

1. The ‘It’s-All-Under-Control’ Mom

We know her? Oh yes we do! She’s that calm and collected mom who has been advising you to do this and that, and she obviously has it under control. With her THREE little ones and the FOURTH in her lap she still manages to keep that smile. You keep looking for a puckered brow but to no avail.  Not disturbed about a thing, she handles it all so effortlessly that you envy her, Oh yes you do…!

2. The ‘ATTACK’ Mom

This is the mom who, if allowed, would get admitted in her child’s class to check if everything is alright. She comes in thirty minutes early for the Parent-Teachers Meeting and she takes a good fifteen to twenty minutes discussing her child’s performance, who (by the way) scores the best in class. She is the most hard to please!

3. The ‘Cool and Casual’ Mom

She will wear pajamas to school sometimes or come in a pair of jeans and kurti. On home-made-tiffin days, her child would carry packed bakery food. While meeting the teachers she will spend five minutes discussing her child’s performance and the remaining fifteen minutes discussing politics or Shireen Aapa’s recipes. She’s the Cool and Casual Mom!

4. The ‘My-Child-Is-A-Mystery’ Mom

Well this one is the Latest! She doesn’t understand her child and expects you to make her understand what her child is all about. She asks questions and needs constant reassurance. She confides in you which shows that she really likes you and you are the only one who can solve her child – the Mystery!

5. The Intimidating Mom

She has the LOOK. Her quiet personality is a little scary (we don’t know why). Does she know something you don’t know? Hey! She just smiled at you!!…Wait a minute…Why did she smile at you?!

6. The Always late Mom

Her hair- disheveled! Sweaty and awkwardly dressed, she looks like she has just climbed out of bed. Her daughter’s bag slung around one shoulder and the water bottle strap, car keys and cell-phone in hand – She is our ‘Always Late’ Mom running towards the school gate every morning! The best part is, we wait for her! icon wink The 12 Most Common MOMMY Types At Your Child’s School

7. The ‘Note-Pad’ Mom

She has been attentively listening to you and jotting everything down. She’ll always have a pen and pad in her bag. Beware…she has documented all that you have said so far, No changing statements here!

8. TheUp-to-Date Mom

She is the know-it-all Mom. Starting from the schools calendar to the latest happenings in the World. She knows the names of the top scorers of the School, what is being taught in her child’s class and what will be taught in the weeks to come. This Mom is very well informed with the recent activities all around!

9. The ‘Volunteer’ Mom

Always ready to contribute, she is our all time favorite! Be it the regular school activities, programs, workshops or donations. Our Volunteer mom is of great help every time there is need! Just so you know Madame, we value your involvement!!

10. The ‘Picture-Perfect’ Mom

She is the best dressed and owns the latest collection. You wait to see her outfit everyday and secretly copy the cuts. Under the scorching heat and while carrying the backpacks of her two little ones, she still manages to look super elegant. Well well! This picture-perfect lady sure has quiet a few eyes on her!

11. The ‘Helpless’ Mom 

A complete opposite of the It’s-all-under-control Mom, She’s the one who has been constantly asking for your advice. She has a list of problems – starting from ‘Mera Beta meri sunta he nahi hai’ to ‘Iskay Pappa ne isko bigaara hai’ it’s always the same story. Mostly, it’s the frown she carries that says it all so Please don’t trouble her with questions, just advise.

12. The ‘Always-Excused’ Mom

If you discuss her child’s performance, she says, ‘Oh well, he has improved as compared to his previous results’. When you tell her he looks untidy, she says,’ Oh no! That’s the color and quality of the fabric’. When you tell her he has been fighting in School, she says, ‘for your information its called self-defense, the other kid’s fight. Not him’ …I hope that explains our ‘Always-Excused’ Mom!?


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