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The 5 things DAD knows better

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‘My mommy knows best’, says my five year old niece and gets me thinking about parenting style…what percentage of mothers say ‘Ask your dad for help’ Not that fathers are not willing, but most of them pretty much confess they are terrible at kid-related issues or ARE THEY?

Fathers and mothers both have a different approach towards parenting. Dads tend to be strict and blunt in most cases which several mothers disagree with. Mom’s are more emotionally involved and possessive in their relationship with children and understand that they can handle things in a better manner. A mother’s role in bringing up children is central and she is definitely more active than fathers in helping youngsters with their personal problems. But does that mean they know the best at all times? So here are the 5 ‘Dad knows better’ to which moms might agree,

#1: Dads are more calm, collected and patient in troubled situations or emergencies. Whereas mothers tend to create a bit of panic and make things a bigger deal. I, for one remember my mother crying almost every time I or my siblings hurt ourselves and on the other side heard dad counseling ‘be strong now come on!’ Hence such situations are better handled by dads… Agree?

#2: Dads know better when it comes to handling rebellious children as they have a more authoritative personality and they come out as better disciplinarians. They aren’t around the children at all times like mothers are and so a strict stare or a simple DON’T DO IT works straight away and trust me! Children least want their fathers displeased with them…A mom can use that to improve parenting! parenting image 300x184 The 5 things DAD knows better #3: In Pakistan, fathers have they last say or call it ‘ultimate decision’ before all the major resolutions are made which always helps, something mothers don’t have to be completely responsible of?…starting from which school to whom he or she shall marry when they grow old, it is important all such decisions are made with the fathers consent who after all heads the family and define parenting style.

#4: Dad’s help children interact with the people inside and outside the family which greatly contributes towards their intellectual, physical and emotional development and also are better at guiding them in choosing the right career or matters related to their education. They are the providers and play a great role in handling and managing finances of the children hence they know what can be best for the children in the long term.

#5: Dad’s allow children their own space and deal with their problems themselves and know when to set limits while mothers play the role of protecting the child of which children take due advantage. Also handling things for children sometimes handicaps their personalities and they tend to become submissive and docile which is not healthy…So! No interference here mom! Dad knows better.

The final words on parenting advice

Kids benefit most when they’re exposed to the protective and nurturing energies of mothers and the strong, authoritative and persistent and at other time’s calm and cool attitude of fathers. As the children grow and experience the different energies around them it helps them develop healthy and balanced personalities and a good character. Raising a child is a responsibility of both man and woman together and each one completes and compliments the other and so the reply to my little niece is… there are times when Daddy knows better!


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