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The 5 most affordable shopping places for kids in Karachi!

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#5: Tariq road

This jam-packed road with a huge array of shopping malls, stores and roadside stalls is somewhere you can shop till you drop! From the expensive to the most affordable shoes, bags, clothes and accessories, here you will find it all.

Uzma Center at Tariq road is the ultimate kid’s shopping mall where you can purchase kids wear for all age groups and in all sizes at amazingly reasonable rates in good quality. Not just clothes, you will also find a huge collection of accessories like digital wrist watches featuring the children’s favorite cartoon characters, bracelets and colorful bangles, hairclips, headbands and jewelry for girls available at open stalls. Kids toys and foot ware is also accessible and the best part is you get a chance to bargain all you want. The 100 rupee shops at Tariq road deal in toys, stationary, gifts and a wide variety of items at rates within your means!

#4: Zainab market

Situated in Saddar near the Avari towers hotel, Zainab market is one of the most popular shopping bazaars known for the huge variety of clothing manufactured locally and imported brands. Most of the ground floor is occupied by shops with kid’s wear where you’d hear the sale’s men marketing their products out loud.

The International shopping center opposite Zainab market has reasonable and trendy kids stuff, including clothes, toys and shoes. Leather goods, sports wear and sweaters are also available at cheap prices and this is the only place in Karachi where you can find a pair of good quality jeans and t-shirt in a meager budget of Rs.1000 or even less….what more could any parent want!? 

#3: Urdu bazaar

The Urdu bazaar is the best place to buy books for children at the most affordable rates. Be it related to the school curriculum or other reading and studying material, this is a paradise point for all the book lovers in the city. You can get original texts as well as second hand copies in good condition for those who cannot afford to purchase them first hand.

This market is situated behind Jama cloth at M.A. Jinnah road also accommodates several shops where good quality stationary items and other school accessories are obtainable allowing you the privilege to push down the prices to a good extent!

#2: Meena bazaar

The Meena bazaar situated midst the main streets of Karimabad is one of the oldest and cheapest shopping markets for women and children. The narrow passages winding through the entire market allow limited space to move through and you might experience some pointy elbows and sit on rickety stools, but with such discounted rates the hassle is worth it!

Most of the ground floor is occupied by merchants dealing in kid’s wear, shoes and other accessories. The other side of the market has shops for school stationary and books at reasonable rates. You may get a chance to try a variety of eatables at the stalls while shopping here and try your luck at bargaining!

#1: Sunday bazaar

Have you ever been on a shopping spree with kids under the sun? Well… here is one such place you and your kids would love to visit!

This ‘bachat’ bazaar, located in Defence, phase 8 is open every Sunday when most of the city’s shops have their shutters down. This shopping and eating place is absolutely fun! You may find a list of the kids’ favorite items under more than a thousand fiberglass roofed shops, starting from clothes, shoes, school bags, story books and stationary to kids’ furniture, bed sheets and colorful tableware. Also, look out for the new stuff as this place has shops with second hand items and if you have an eye that’s good at inspecting the first hand, this is the ultimate place to grab all you want!

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