The Different Types of Tea in Pakistan


I’ve never been a tea person as such. I’ve always preferred coffee, I know I know I don’t deserve to be called desi, but I am fascinated by our tea culture. What with the numerous types of tea, each unique and special, I am fascinated and do enjoy a rare cup of tea of some form or the other. I love the different types of tea and thought I should explore them.

Dum Ki Chai

Blush Dum Chai The Different Types of Tea in PakistanThis is the standard type of tea made everywhere. Classic brewed tea where the tea is added to the hot water before being poured into the ups where the milk (liquid or powdered) and sugar is added (optional to a person’s need of course) This is the tea countless people in Pakistan cannot live without.

Doodh Patti

IMG 7562 The Different Types of Tea in Pakistan

The second most popular type of tea (second standard form as well) it is also known as Peshawari Chai.  It is a milk based tea where instead of water, the tea is boiled with milk and sugar and is slightly denser than regular milk.

Masala Chai

images 23 The Different Types of Tea in Pakistan

Many places abroad sell a form of tea called ‘chai’ and they think that is our standard tea, but in reality they are referring to the masala chai. Literally translated as mixed spice tea, it is a type of tea dependant on the maker, as many optional spices can be blended to flavor this tea. From cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, cloves to even fennel seeds, all are options to make good tea. Masala chai is available at most tea stalls and small tea shops.

Kashmiri Chai

kashmiri tea The Different Types of Tea in Pakistan

Also known as Gulabi (pink) chai, this is a type of tea greatly enjoyed during the winters. Commonly known but not commonly made (usually it is only for special occasions), it is made from special tea leaves with milk and have addition of pistachios, almonds and cardamom. It is also flavored with salt and sometimes cinnamon.


Blush GreenTea The Different Types of Tea in PakistanTraditional green tea, known to some as sabz chai (literally translating to green tea) kahwah is made with green tea leaves and cardamom and sometimes with cinnamon bark, mint and lemon grass, and sweetened with sugar and lemon. It has varieties of its own, starting from a plain version that’s consumed after meals at any hour and to having a type only consumed in winters in small quantities because it has so much heat.

Butter tea

yak butter tea The Different Types of Tea in Pakistan

This is the rarest type of tea in Pakistan, common only to select Northern Areas. Adapted from a Tibetan creation, this is a tea made by churning butter into brewed tea which also has some salt added to it. It is a unique taste, thick, smooth and salty.

There are different types of teas in the world, with so many flavors and styles, from fruit infused to iced tea. The types available in Pakistan are mostly available here only and a select few other regions.

So enjoy the tea culture here and the delicacies available, they are lusted for by foreign regions! Which is your go to tea?


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