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The Ghosts under your child’s bed!

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What is the best possible explanation you give a child who thinks there is a ghost under the bed? Would you take your child to a monster-killing psychiatrist thinking it’s an underlying psychological problem or you’d just ignore asking your child to ‘grow up’ and ‘be strong’? Would you make sure you are there with your child until they fall asleep or would you Google the recipes to rid your house of all kinds of paranormal activity?

The belief of spirits and ghosts being real is presented on many television programmes, especially the morning shows these days, kids read about them in books and watch tons of horror movies. We also hear mother’s using the sentence ‘Allah BABA ajaega’ or ‘I’ll lock you into the bathroom where the Boogie man lives’ just to make children behave well. This results in children either having nightmares or complaining of seeing ghosts around them. In some cases children also start thinking they can communicate with spooks or believe in imaginary friends. Here are a few tips and tricks that may help you understand what exactly causes the ‘ghost fear’ and the ways to get rid of all those your children see hiding under their beds…

When your child says ‘Mom, there was something behind the curtain! I think it’s a ghost’

Sounds like a dialogue from a horror movie doesn’t it? Well this is a common problem faced by preschoolers. A child’s imagination often transforms the shadows of things around into his/her worst fears. Take this opportunity to jump in as the ‘super mom’ and draw out your child’s fears! Don’t put down your child using expressions like ‘stop acting like a baby’ as this may wrongly affect your child’s confidence. Tug at the curtains and peep under the bed and assure them there is nothing there! Tell your child it’s just a shadow and it is perfectly normal to have such fears….share a funny story or explain that ghosts are nothing but imaginary characters in cartoons or movies…

When the OGRE enters your child’s dream!

The cartoons your children watch like Casper, Scooby-doo or any other, affect their sleep as their vivid imagination tends to transform cartoon characters into huge monster-full nightmares. A cuddly teddy bear can hug your child’s trouble away! Also, try and track down what triggers your child’s fear…lessen scary movies, cartoons and such TV shows that can possibly cause ‘the monster terror’!


If your child is really convinced that the ghost under his bed keeps disturbing him all night…try a night bulb, lamp or keep the bathroom tube light on. A dark room can definitely feel eerie. Make your child’s bedroom feel safe and peaceful and assure your child that you’d keep a check on him/her.

Keep in mind that the worst way to handle children is using their fears as punishment. Help your children enjoy a calm night’s sleep so they get up fresh and active every morning! 

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