The Jaswal Brothers: Taking Pakistani Music Industry Forward

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Pakistan has been blessed with some of the most versatile and talented singers over the years who have brought international fame to its music industry. With new voices tumblr mf2gx4Ewcx1rzzu7ho1 500 e1364399512100 The Jaswal Brothers: Taking Pakistani Music Industry Forwardsurfacing each day, the journey to fame is not easy for everyone. Few years back, we saw singers and bands like Atif Aslam, Jal, Ahmed Jahanzeb, Call and E.P make their mark on the local music scene. Among the recent entrants, musical band Qayaas has been making waves not only in terms of its music but also the way it has won its audiences over.

With the rise of Qayaas, music lovers also got to learn about Umair Jaswal and consequently, his younger brother Uzair Jaswal who chose to remain a solo singer. Let’s have a look at the achievements of these brothers:


Arguably the most well-known among the three Jaswal brothers, Umair Jaswal is Umair1 e1364399653545 The Jaswal Brothers: Taking Pakistani Music Industry Forwardsandwiched between his elder brother Yasir and younger brother Uzair. Being the front man of Qayaas,  this young, energetic performer joined the band in 2008. At that time, Qayaas was virtually unknown, except to those few who followed the underground band circuit.

The band, however, did not give up with the founder and lead guitarist Khurram Waqar getting his fellow members on track and producing tracks that later turned out to be massive hits. Their first album “Uss Paar” featured thirteen remarkable tracks, making a clear announcement that the band was here to stay. Some of the famous songs from the album include “Umeed”, “Charkha”, “Tanha”, “Shehrezade”, “Pukaar” and “Uss Paar”.

Qayaas1 e1364399883125 The Jaswal Brothers: Taking Pakistani Music Industry ForwardWith Umair’s impressive vocals, it was but a matter of time that the band got on the high road to fame and success. Qayaas has been the only Pakistani band to be adjudged Best Rock Band at the Rolling Stones-Jack Daniels Awards in 2010. Their song “Mera Wana” was included in the album Metal Asia Compilation 2010, which contains metal songs from all over the Asian continent.

The band was featured in Coke Studio 5, where Umair lent his vocals in a duet performance with Atif Aslam to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s classic qawwali “Charkha Nolakha”. The rendition was widely appreciated and got more than a million views on Youtube. Recently, Umair Jaswal and his band have released two new tracks called  ”Doobtay” and “Cut My Wings”.


Uzair Jaswal1 1 e1364399953414 The Jaswal Brothers: Taking Pakistani Music Industry ForwardUnlike his brother Umair’s fascination with metal rock, Uzair finds his comfort zone in the pop genre. Having written his first song at the tender age of 16, this up and coming Jaswal brother proved his mettle when he performed in Coke Studio 5. The popularity of the show and Uzair’s own vocal prowess helped him gain recognition and appreciation from music listeners across the globe. His song “Teray Bin” was nominated for the recently held Hum TV Award.

Uzair Jaswal Meree Rooh1 e1364400035262 The Jaswal Brothers: Taking Pakistani Music Industry ForwardSome of Uzair’s popular songs include “Maa”, “Meri Rooh”, “Nindiya Ke Paar” and “Yaheen”, with “Bechara Dil” being his most recent release.

Staying true to their own musical styles, the Jaswal Brothers are young talents to lookout for in the coming years. 

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