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“Mom, I am bored!”-The perfect solution to your child’s boredom

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As soon as the week ends or when the summer or winter vacation begins most school going kids get after their parents just like moths buzz around light bulbs. They demand new games to play or plan outings even after indulging in all sorts of activities. Engulfed in the world of video games, wrestling and boxing in the air or digging through the million toys in their cupboards searching for what feels like another planet buried inside, we still hear ‘I am bored’ every five minutes.

Loaded with the routine school work round the year, vacation is the only duration children get to enjoy plenty of unstructured time. Organized activities like skating, swimming or karate classes keep them engaged and develop skills and abilities, but these do not allow kids use their imaginative and creative instincts. It is significant to help children enjoy and discover the pleasures of a simple life than spending tons over their boredom, and this is possible through unplanned intervals that allow them to use their thoughts.

The world of make-believe allows children to transform everything into anything, a pencil becomes an airplane, and a shoe box becomes a video camera. Paper boats become ships from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and toy cars travel over the walls and under the sofas in the house. Children also try playing different roles; little girls pretend being mothers to their Barbie dolls or act like their teachers from school, boys play the role of cops or soldiers combating their enemies. Encourage children to plan their activities and entertain themselves. Allow a little day dreaming here and there and see what ideas your child comes up with!

FUN games are not always computer or board games; here are a few ‘no cost’ ideas to kill child’s boredom for two or more children that you can try at home

1. Bubble safari, just some soap and tap water and voilà!!

2. Animal jigsaw, each child thinks of an animal and draws a part of it (legs, face, tail, etc.) without telling the other. After they finish tape the parts up to discover the hippo-puppy-toad….

3. Treasure hunt, involves the quest for surprises (candies) hidden all around the house. This is probably the easiest way to kill a child’s boredom.

4. Seek the Hidden, where everyone seeks the single person who hides!   

5. Hop-a-doodle-do, Hopscotch! The kids all time favorite game simply needs a chalk and a cement floor to get rid of boredom!

6. Picturesque, One child draws and the other guesses!

7. Guess what’s gobbled! What you need is a shoe box or a small carton with a hole that allows a hand to enter. One child handles the box in which s/he hides an object and the other puts his hand in to guess what the box has gobbled!

There are several similar games that keep children occupied for long hours eliminating boredom. Parents should also make children create their own games and test their creative skills!

The writing box! Here is something that will help you figure the artistic flair in your children. Prepare a carton that has all the writing and drawing material and different bright and colorful pictures from old books. Recycle these pictures for making beautiful collages.

Children can try writing a story or create a comic strip of different characters. This is a great activity to enhance imagination and creative thinking skills.

There is nothing to worry about children roaming around the house uselessly or complaining that they get bored. Don’t feel obliged to give in every time your child demands something as it isn’t the right solution. Let your children think out of the box and find ways to entertain themselves! 

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