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5 Beauty Myths and If You Should Believe Them!


We all go out to buy the perfect products for our needs. Under eye creams, hair conditioners, we need to be our best and for that we need the best. What if the best wasn’t a branded chemical loaded product on a shelf of the cosmetics section? What if it was something most probably lying around the house. I am going to present some unique hair and skin care ‘products’ which are tried and tested not only by yours truly but by friends and family, yielding great results. Most of these you must have heard of, but if not, your hair and skin is in for a treat!

Vicks for lips

Yes, Vicks, the medicated balm that helps stuffy noses, is exactly the treat your lips need. You might come across articles claiming this isn’t a good idea but their arguments are illogical. They claim that since it irritates the eyes should it enter them, it’s an irritant, period, since it causes a tingling sensation. Well, look at the ingredients of Vicks. An active ingredient is menthol, which is even used as an ingredient in lip plumping glosses or lipsticks. So when you feel that tingling sensation applying Vicks, that’s your lips getting a natural pout. I had to say all that in case people do get worried about any health issues. Vicks is for skin people, and lips may have a thinner layer of skin compared to the rest of the body but there is no issue with an oil based VapoRub conditioning them. And any lip biters out there, it really helps prevent this bad habit!
Helpful hint: Apply a thin layer of Vicks before sleeping, you’ll wake up with pink soft lips. In fact, use it instead of your clear gloss it will be a great substitute, better than the real thing.

Vaseline for eyes

Vaseline is actually the ultimate product. From tending to dry skin to makeup remover, there is little Vitamin E loaded petroleum jelly can’t do. But the most popular, and fascinating thing this can do is for eye care. I have a very weird eye situation. The eye lid is oily but the skin along the lash line is extremely dry and gets flaky (I know, gross) and that leads to weak eyelashes. Vaseline is the best night time treatment for your eyes and is known to help the growth of healthy lashes. This is not an all the time thing though, unless you’re going for a glossy eye look, this is not something to be used going out or so.
Helpful hint: Do not apply a thickly, make sure to lightly massage it into the lash line VERY GENTLY, the eye area is extremely sensitive and you don’t want to be in the ironic situation of breaking lashes in order to grow some.

Honey for acne

I know when people think of something strange for acne they think about toothpaste, and while toothpaste does help in drying out pimples, honey is one of the best products to get rid of acne. The logic is simple. Acne is caused by skin bacteria, Honey has anti-bacterial properties. Honey helps in softening up the skin as well, however this is not the best product for very dry skin or on delicate areas like lips, it is the best treatment for oily skin types and acne prone skin. If you have sensitive skin, eating honey will help reducing sensitivity. Of course, caution to those who might be allergic to any component of honey to be careful. Make sure to get as raw and unprocessed honey as possible.
Helpful hint: if you do have oily skin, don’t hesitate to apply honey all over the face and not just the affected area. A table spoon is enough. For dry skin just dab a little honey onto the pimple.

Green tea for skin

Any redness or swelling on the skin? Have puffiness under the eyes? Green tea is just for you! We all already know the benefits of drinking green but it’s a great topical product as well. Using steeped bags on any red patchy areas or puffiness will really aid the skin and even if no such issues are there, it’s a great way to rejuvenate the skin.
Helpful hint: The best way to use Green tea is by freezing some brewed green tea in an ice cube tray and massaging the skin with a cube every now and then. It’s a great toner and a natural remedy!

Vinegar for hair.

The product for hair everyone will love. Vinegar has antibiotic and antibacterial effects so is great for getting rid of dandruff and relieving the scalp of itching. its acidic and pro-biotic properties also helps restore shine and health to the hair. The scalp is best healthiest when slightly acidic, but most shampoos have alkaline properties so vinegar helps restore the PH balance of the scalp. The best vinegar is apple cider vinegar, the more raw an unprocessed, the better. Those with dry scalps, this does have the tendency to cause some minimal dryness, but nothing a little conditioner won’t solve (before using the vinegar of course)
Helpful hint: Do not use pure vinegar on your hair, it might be too harsh a product. have a solution of one part vinegar mixed with two parts water and rinse your hair with it after shampoo and conditioner. best effects will come on the days you oil your hair as well.

So there you have it! my top five not-exactly-cosmetic products! These are mostly natural remedies and medicinal. I encourage trying these out, just be cautious if you have any allergies or not. These are growing to be quite popular but one can’t deny the pleasant surprise one gets when hearing about these. Give it a go! 

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