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The Wondrous World Of Eye Makeup

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As little attention we pay towards doing eye makeup, it really creates an emphasized eye. Eye makeup incorporates an entire spectrum of colors and hues that you can imagine. Mixing and pairing up colors on your eyes enhances your eye shape and your overall look.

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The reason why women avoid using eye makeup is because it is a bit difficult to use compared to wearing lipstick or blush. Makeup for your eyes requires technique and precision for the best look. If you are a newbie at using eye makeup- stick to the essentials. Eye makeup incorporates your eye lids, under eyes and your eye lashes. Not everyone understands the basics of using eye makeup to create your best look, the best tip I can advise is LESS IS BETTER. Avoid piling on eye makeup as much as possible but using it toward achieving a natural yet sultry look.

The Essentials

848188861 9560ff6ecb 199x300 The Wondrous World Of Eye MakeupHaving your makeup essentials lined up is your first task. Finding the right eye makeup products to suit your eyes without irritating or smudging is key. Avoid using counterfeit makeup ladies! These makeup items can be cheap but save your money and avoid any long-term damages which the ingredients may cause. Makeup items that are not produced at an approved factory use improper and even expired ingredients to create your makeup. Avoid using them at all costs.

What to Look Out for

6117830100 1bfbf9b9c1 o 300x199 The Wondrous World Of Eye MakeupNow with purchasing your eye makeup you need to look out for 2 things- waterproof and color pigmentation. You want your eye makeup to not smudge, using a product that states it’s waterproof needs to be put under the test. Simple test the product on your hand and spray a bit of water, if it smudges then the product is not stating proper claims. When it comes to color you want the pigmentation of your eye makeup to be vibrant.

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I recommend wearing an eye primer to make sure your eye makeup stays put and doesn’t crease after long hours. You can find good quality eye primer from Essence, Catrice and Makeup Academy (MUA).

Using eye makeup needs a bit of practicing. Try out our guidelines to understand what’s the best eye makeup to use:


  • Cream or powder, these come in different formulas depending on your level of comfort. Cream shadows are easier to apply and blend onto the lid without the use of eye makeup brushes. Powder shadows tend to last longer on the eye lid since cream shadows can crease on your eyelid if you have oily eye lids. Selecting the right color combination of eyeshadows requires the use of 2 or even 3 colors. These colors can either be from the same family but with different gradients or contrasting colors for more impact. The more variation of colors you choose can help you achieve the best eye look. Use light shimmery colors on your inner tear duct and under brow bone while using darker colors on your lids.


  • Liquid, cream, gel, kohl or cake liners all give you the same effect. Depending on how easy or difficult each liner can be, choose the one you can easily work with and all of them come in a variety of colors. Kohl pencil liners are the easiest to work with and offer brighter colors such as teals and purples. If you have very oily lids I recommend staying away from kohl pencils since the creamy texture can crease and spread very easily all over your eyes. Instead use a liquid or gel liner- the Essence Gel Liner in Midnight in Paris is a rich black gel liner that lasts all day. Read our review here.


  • The easiest eye makeup to use with a huge variety of formulas and wands. Depending on your lashes, achieve long and volumized lashes with a good mascara from brands such as Rimmel, Maybelline and Catrice. Simply use the mascara by combing it through your lashes. If your lashes stick straight down, use a lash curler to curl your eyelashes. 3 of the most popular mascaras are talked about in a review you can read here.


Depending on your occasion, pick and choose colors that are appropriate for the event. For work I recommend light beige and neutral colors while for night occasion go for brighter colors paired with rich black eyeliner and mascara. Try out different colors and have fun with makeup because that’s what its all about!


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