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Thinking of Hiring a Maid? Here’s What You Should Know


Hiring a maid in Pakistan is something we often hear women fretting about. They would be going around taking their neighbor’s advice or asking around the previous employers of the maid to know if she is a good choice. All in all, hiring a maid is a tough job here. It needs to be thought through and once it’s done, that is just the beginning.

Before hiring a maid there are a few pointers every woman should consider;

  • The share of work
  • Limitations
  • Time Table
  • Bonuses for a good job
  • Holiday give away’s

maid1 Thinking of Hiring a Maid? Heres What You Should Know

Give Away’s

The last one is the most important when it comes to the Pakistani culture. When you hire a maid, they assume that most of their expenses are going to be taken care of by the house they work for. They will try to talk you into giving those things you might not have wanted to give in the first place. So you need to take care of that when you hire them


If you ask your maid to work for you on a special occasion would you be giving them extra money? You should clarify any details before putting responsibility on them because when the birthday party of you toddler is over, you might not like the attitude you get for giving her the left over cake.

Time Table

Setting a schedule is more important to you than your maid. Set a time that you know wouldn’t be bothering for you more than her. When your kids are not around is a better time as the cleaning will last longer.


What to touch and what not to touch? Where to clean and where to keep away from? Would you mind her putting your things in the drawers while she is cleaning your dresser? Will there be precious belongings in the drawer which if get lost somehow; she might get the blame for? Discuss it with her.

Share of Work

Tell her the whole job description before you hire her. Will you be working along her or just hogging her to clean every spot? Do you want every corner cleaned? Tell her that.

Angry Maid by larein Thinking of Hiring a Maid? Heres What You Should Know

What Not to Do

  1. Don’t scold her. She is a paid employer. You don’t own her.
  2. Most women tend to speak to their maids in a vulgar language just to point out that they think low of them. Remember, mutual respect is the key. If you don’t consider her a human being, she’d do the same.
  3. Remember, you hired a human, a normal person, not a parasite. If she touches your dishes they won’t grow contagious diseases. If she appears a clean person, the chances are that she is. If you still dislike her touching your things, set a boundary before.
  4. Also, she is not your pet. I have seen women giving their maids food in distorted dishes and making them eat on the kitchen floor. This is unfair to any human being. Her sitting on your carpet will not stain it.

Cleaning Maid Easy 11437872 38808 image Thinking of Hiring a Maid? Heres What You Should Know

Your maids are humans with feelings and emotions, if you respect her and treat her well, she might talk about you to her other employers and praise you. You will like it. 

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